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  1. Hello, I plan to take the ANCC Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing exam this year. What is a reasonable amount of time to study ahead of the exam? What are some good study resources and strategies for successfully passing this exam? Thank you in advance.
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    This MD culture

  3. Ok, so we'll just blame the RN and not look at any potential system or quality issues. It is evidence based that when organizations are punitive with med error reporting, people don't report them. Organizations that support a just culture of accountability have higher rates of incident reporting because people feel safe to report them. That enables them to improve quality and patient safety.
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    Do women find male nurses attractive?

    I don't know about female nurses finding us attractive or not. But my wife is a teacher, and I had a hot teacher fantasy and she had a hot nurse fantasy -so I was happy to oblige.
  5. This case is tragic for all parties involved. And should serve as a cautionary tale to all of us. Clearly there are several issues here; not the least of which is why a staff is nurse pusing Versed for a patient to have a PET scan -how would they monitor the patient during the procedure? What setting was she working in? Was she trained and qualified to do sedation? What kind of supervision did she have? What was the patient ratio? How many days in a row had she worked? What time of day did the incident take place? What safeguards were baked into the ADC?- and did they work as they were supposed to? What did Vanderbilt's policies look like? Asking these questions can improve quality and safety. And for Vanderbilt to fail to address system issues and just throw the RN under the bus will not solve any quality & safety issues. It just leaves the potential for this to happen again. When organizations are punitive about med errors -people won't report them. And when nurses start getting arrested for them we shall see an exodus out of our profession. Nobody goes to work and plans to make a mistake let alone one that kills somebody. With that said, her mistakes were egregious and she should be held accountable but criminally prosecuted I am not so sure -how will that impact our profession? We need to be promoting a just culture to promote safety and accountability. I just wish other clinicians were held to the same robust standards as the staff nurse. No matter how good we are at what we do, none of us are immune from potentially making a mistake. So people follow policy, follow the basics of medication administration and be kind to one another.