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dmapp63 has 36 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Nursing Education.

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  1. dmapp63

    Ivpb dosage calculation help

    Don't get distracted by "extra" info in the scenario. You are asked to set the pump in mL per hour - so what is your final volume once you mix your med bag and how long is it ordered to infuse?
  2. dmapp63

    Can you really teach what you don't know?

    If you change the title of your role from "teacher" to "facilitator" you will take some of the pressure off of yourself. We are with students to "facilitate" their learning. Yes, you will have to do some "prep" work prior to your "teaching-learning...
  3. dmapp63

    Access on right...machine on left

    So, in a busy outpatient unit you take the time and exert the energy to move a machine to the "other" side if the next patient's access location requires it?
  4. dmapp63

    Access on right...machine on left

    Hi all Looking for some input ... do you move the dialysis machine to the side of the patient's access? Or do you "drape" the lines across the patient? Thanks in advance
  5. dmapp63

    Ideas to help my pt

    What is your total UF goal? How old is the patient? Is this pt a gainer? Symptoms are either volume or dry weight related IMHO. If volume, pt needs to be more compliant with restrictions. If not volume, EDW needs increasing.
  6. dmapp63

    Considering ER but not good at starting IV's

    There are other nursing skills that are much more important in the ER than IV insertion .... assessment, critical thinking, prioritization, collaboration, communication, pt education .......... "bedside nursing" has (hopefully) allowed you to enhance...
  7. Hi startingovr- The first thing you must know is that nursing is not about what you KNOW, it's about what you WOULD DO based on what you know. You can read and study all you want, but it's your approach to questions that is key. The purpose of the N...
  8. dmapp63

    Care plan books

    Thank you both for your input - I will definitely take a look at these
  9. dmapp63

    Care plan books

    Hello to all! I am a nursing instructor and need your input. I am in search of a book to help students with care plans - all they have is Mosby's "Guide to Care Plans" - --what is out there that you have found most helpful as a student? Thanks for...
  10. dmapp63

    Doubt about a question

    #1 - there are no "what ifs" in the world of NCLEX testing - all you know is what the question states. Your challenge is to choose the BEST answer, not what you would do in the "real world" of nursing. Acting out of concern for patient safety is alw...
  11. dmapp63

    Nurse Educator Certification

    The exam to which you are referring is administered by the National League for Nursing (NLN). You must meet specific criteria to take the exam, such as having a master's or doctoral degree in nursing and 2-4 years full-time employment in a faculty r...
  12. dmapp63

    Instructor prep time

    Question for part time faculty: What amount of paid time (if any) do you get for lesson/lecture preparation? Or are you "just paid to teach"?
  13. My first classroom teaching assignment was a challenge. I was inheriting a class of nursing students with a reputation for "chewing up and spitting out" a number of previous instructors. My colleagues informed me these students were difficult to enga...