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  1. brownsc2

    First time traveler/ Agencies

    I'm thinking about taking the plunge. Recently, I've decided to look into travel nursing and have been speaking with a recruiter. The agency appears straightforward and the recruiter is very pleasant, but after doing some research I've found that this agency is one of the lower paying agencies. I live in SC and I am hoping to land my first contract in Columbia, due to the driving distance from my home. I I am a medsurg nurse. Would any one like to share their experience and (pay) with agencies they've come into contact with?
  2. I'm looking to change specialty from medical-surgical to chronic dialysis. I have almost 2 years of experience on a urology/nephrology floor. How much is the starting pay with experience for Davita or Fresenius? Thanks
  3. brownsc2

    New grad concerns/questions

    I too am a new grad. I began working on a med-surg unit in April and let's just say we have a love/hate relationship. Anywho... Like me, I know many new grads experience anxiety and have many questions that go unanswered. I'm hoping to shed some light on some of those questions and address those concerns. With that being said, what are some questions and concerns you have, or may have had as a new grad? In what areas do you need clarification? Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  4. brownsc2

    Unit based concil/shared governance project ideas

    Oops, I forgot. I work on a med-surg unit. Thanks!
  5. What are some projects that your unit based council has initiated or thought about initiating? Also, I am trying to come up with some ideas for the bulletin board in the break room...help please!!!
  6. I'm a new grad working on a med-surg floor and am looking for good reference books. Books for new nurses, med-surg disease/conditions, procedures, and lab values. Any suggestions. I'm just trying to connect the dots.
  7. I recently graduated nursing school and I'm curious if anyone has taken the and passed the NCLEX without taking a review class. If so, what did you do? Im considering using NCSBN. Has anyone tried this review only with NCLEX prep books?
  8. Has anyone participated in St.Joseph's/Candler nurse residency program or know someone who has? What is it like? Program/admission requirements? Starting pay for new grad nurses?
  9. brownsc2

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore

    I remember my very first week of nursing school. I felt depressed and discombobulated. And let's not talk about my first day of clinicals. I felt life I wanted to cry. When I got home, I remember sitting on the couch and saying to my mom, "I don't think I can do this." And she gave me a pep talk and I got through my first semester. Now, here I am, having just finished my third semester, beginning my final semester in August and graduating in December. No, everyday hasn't been easy and some days I cried, But everyday it's worth it. Just last week I cried all the way home (45 min drive) and an hour after I got home because I thought I failed my final. I put my heart and soul into studying but I felt like it was pointles. I passed!!, but I said all of that to say; you're not going to make all A's, I didn't. There were many days I wanted to quit but I always reminded myself why I began this journey. I am just like you. I am shy and I speak softly and sometimes the words feel like they don't want to come out, but I remind myself this is a journey. You're growing and remember growth doesn't happen in comfort. Hundreds and thousands of people apply to a nursing program and never get in. But YOU got in and it's because you're smart and have the potential to become a great nurse. In the beginning, you're not going to know everything you think you should know but you're learning. Whatever you decide make sure it's what YOU really want to do.
  10. Now, that it's summer and I have time to buckle down on learning my meds, I'm hoping to find any type of source I could use to help me learn commonly prescribed meds...in the ER and med surg. I'm hoping to find the classification, as well the illness for which it is prescribed, but any info will be helpful. Thanks lovelies.
  11. brownsc2

    Science portion on teas v

    If you have recently taken the teas v, what topics were covered? Thanks
  12. Has anyone applied to TCLs nursing program? If so, do you remember your total weighted score, what was your TEAS score, were you accepted or denied, and what county do you reside in? *Thanks a bunch