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    Anyone working BUT dosen't have to?

    I have been very fortunate, but I don't have to work, I WANT to. My husband and I aren't rich but I don't have to work. I had always wanted to be a nurse so I decided to go back to school and got into an accelerated RN program. I finished the program in September and I'm soooo excited to start working...but I haven't had any luck in the job department because I am a new grad I am only 28 and I work part time in the Air National Guard, because I love helping people and serving my country. My husband keeps telling me not to worry about getting a job, we can completely manage without me having an income, I just want to work! I'm getting bored at home, and I worked so hard to get through school that I can't wait to start seeing new fun things and helping others!!! :)
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    New Grad/RN opportunities??

    I just got my license in Sep and I'm on the job hunt. I had a phone interview with Virginia Hospital Center about a week ago, should I call them back or wait another week? I am just eager and excited to start working and I kinda want to work in a hospital, but the way this whole new grad thing works I'd be willing to take what I can get just so I can get more experience. :)
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    Moving to the DC metro area as a new grad and need pointers :)

    Just wanted to give an update :) I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on September 8th and then commissioned as a flight nurse in the Air National Guard Sep 28th :) I will finally be going on my honeymoon in three days (which was put on hold do to nursing school) and then I will be hitting the job hunt hard when I get back from Europe. I have already applied to a few residency programs and jobs but I haven't heard anything yet. It's crazy, but it seems as people really don't want to hire new grads. Well hopefully I won't have a problem when I get back. Thank you for all the recommendations and advise!
  4. I am finishing up my nursing program here soon and will be taking my NCLEX in August. I started nursing school and then my husband got reassigned to Andrews AFB In MD. As soon as I finish I will be moving up there and will be living in National Harbor. I am a flight medic in the Air National Guard (4 years) and have my ADN (not BSN), EMT, ACLS, PHTLS, my bachelors in Health Care Administration...but I still will be a new grad RN so of course I'm a little nervous about finding where I fit in up there :) So the big question is? WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE FOR ME TO START AT? What hospital? Is it better to work in DC, VA, or MD? Should I take my NCLEX up there or does it matter since SC is in the compact states? Any help would be wonderful :) Thank you in advance.... Lindsey
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    Georgetown U Hospital RN Residency

    Hey! It was great reading all your guys comments. I just moved up here and applied to the residency program and it would be amazing to get in, but we will see what happens. I finished nursing school in Aug in Charleston, SC and then my husband was reassigned up here so I ended up even taking my NCLEX up here too. It's bad enough being a new grad, but to try to do it in a completely unfamiliar territory is not what I call a good time. I'm not in any rush to get just any job, I either want ICU/ER/ or something working with the military if this residency program doesn't pan out. I did receive the battery quiz, so I hope that means a step in the right direction. Well, here's to good luck for us all, and may we possibly meet in February :)
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    Moving to the DC metro area as a new grad and need pointers :)

    I don't think I should have a problem working in MD/VA but I will have to apply for a license in DC, which from all the posts I've read, might be a nightmare. Thank you for the info about Washington Hospital Center, I will def look into that.
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    Switching from a MD license to a DC license

    Since you guys have gone through this process I think you might be able to give me some insight into what I'm about to go through. I'm currently in Charleston, SC and I'm taking my NCLEX in AUGUST. My husband lives in National Harbor, MD and I will be moving up there in August. I'm trying to figure out if I should go ahead and take it herein SC since it is part of the compact states (so I can work in VA/MD) or should I sign up to take it in DC? I'm going to be living in MD but who knows where I will be working. Any suggestions on what I should do, speaking from experience... Lindsey