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  1. cami9273

    CNA Testing after block 1

    Thanks so much!! I already have a fingerprint card, do I have to do another one? I can't wait to get this out of the way. My hope is to do it after block 3 during the summer. Thanks again!!
  2. cami9273

    CNA Testing after block 1

    Hello Everyone!! I have a quick question. I am currently going into Block 3 of the nursing program and I work @ Banner. Banner has a new policy going into effect at the end of this year that requires all their techs to be certified. I won't sit for the NCLEX until early next year, so I am being told I have to take the CNA test so that I don't lose my job. Now, I know after block 1 we were told that as long as we had the documents signed and our transcripts sent to the AZ board that we could test. I was just wondering if anyone had actually done it. What was the process like? How long did it take? When you sat for the test was it just the written or the skills test as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!!!
  3. cami9273

    LPN Jobs?????

    Thanks so much. At that point I might as well wait until block 3 is over and take the test in the summer if I still want to do that. Don't know if I want to pay for two boards so close to one another. And I don't want to have to pay for the bridge class. Thanks so much!
  4. cami9273

    LPN Jobs?????

    Sorry for the late response. I am at GCC in the CEP program. I know the job market is rough, but I work for Banner and Estrella and Boswell hire LPN's in the ER. So that's what I am hoping to do if I can sit for the test.
  5. cami9273

    LPN Jobs?????

    Hello Everyone!!! I had a quick question for those of you that work in hospitals or clinics. I am in block 2, will be done in December and as far as I know I can take the LPN test after block 2 is complete. Question is.............does anyone know of any hospitals that still hire LPN's? In my clinical rotation there was one in the ED, but that's the only one I've run into. I was thinking about testing after block 2 and getting a job as an LPN instead of continuing working as a CNA. Any help would be great!!! TIA!!!
  6. cami9273

    Pathophysiology Online with GCC or Rio - Was it worth it?

    I completely agree with mrsboots!!! Took the same class at Rio.
  7. cami9273

    Rio Salado HCR 240 Pathophysiology

    I took it online at Rio, everything was online. They only thing I remember being timed is the midterm and final. It is an easy course, way easier than I thought it was going to be. I ended up with 100% in the class. Hope this helps!! Good luck!!!
  8. cami9273

    Relocating to Phoenix

    Hello!! I am currently in the nursing program at the local community college and I live in the west valley. I love the school that I am at and the education I am getting. I can't speak about pay here in the valley for LPN's but I work for a local hospital and about three years ago they stopped hiring all LPN's, the ones that did work there had to be in a program to complete their degree. I know we had several on our floor that no longer work here. Hope this helps!!! Good luck on your move!
  9. cami9273

    what's it like to be a patient sitter in Arizona?

    I agree with fromtheseaRN, as a companion at the hospital I work at you can do homework, or read books. A sitter on the other hand you cannot. If you sit on an overnight shift make sure you get plenty of rest before, it can get very hard to try to stay awake with nothing to do once the patient goes to sleep. Good luck!!!
  10. cami9273

    Concurrent enrollment programs

    I was recently accepted into the GCC/NAU program so I can't really tell you what the work load is because as of right now I am only in the first semster of NAU. Block 1 will be different because I will be at GCC and NAU. From what I here from my friends who are in different blocks at GCC NAU has made it to where we don't have exams on the same day as GCC and they work really well with everyone. For the fastrack program it is two NAU classes at a time. Not sure how the Franklin Pierce one works but the work load is well worth it instead of waiting on the wait list. Also coming from a Banner employee, BSN is where it is at. They are not really hiring Associates nurses anymore. I applied for the first time in May and got my acceptance letter in June. I also got my first choice of program. My hesi scores were good, 92% in Math and 89% in Vocabulary. My GPA 3.3, so you have no worries on getting in. Your GPA is fantastic you should have no problem. Hope this helps!!!
  11. cami9273

    CEP May Applicants

    Alright so who's signed up for the Thursday Nur330 class??
  12. cami9273

    I need a 90% or better on my HESI!!!

    I have taken both and to me the Teas is waaaayyyy harder than the hesi!! Same format, timed, different portions, but harder.
  13. cami9273

    I need a 90% or better on my HESI!!!

    Thanks you!!! There is a ton of vocabulary help on quizlet!! Look it up and you should be good to go!!
  14. cami9273

    I need a 90% or better on my HESI!!!

    Get on youtube!!! It may sound strange but some of the greatest help I got in math was off of the tutors that I looked up on you tube. I ended up with a 92% on the math portion of the hesi. If you need help with conversions search conversions on there and you are sure to find someone that explains it in a clear and concise way!! Good luck!!!
  15. cami9273

    CEP May Applicants

    Thanks so much everyone!! I am so excited!!