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Maritimer has 20 years experience and specializes in rural, camp, telephone triage, abstraction.

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  1. Maritimer

    Worried about license endorsement being too slow

    Why PA continues to dig in their heels about joining the compact is beyond me. I do camp nursing in ME--thank goodness it is my original state of licensure so there is less hassle. But I currently have 3 active nursing licenses (2 in compact states!) courtesy of my PA residency. Ugh.
  2. Maritimer

    when should i tell my manager i'm pregnant?

    It depends on where you work. I worked in oncology, so I needed to notify management as soon as I knew so I would not be given inappropriate assignments (none with radiation seeds, etc). Folks at my job knew before half of my friends and family, lol.
  3. Maritimer

    Average pay in your state?

    I do telephone triage for the same health system where I did acute care. I make more than an office nurse but less than I did as a bedside nurse. The reason I was given for the lower pay was the lack of direct patient contact, which made sense to me. My base start was higher than base start for a new nurse at the hospital though, likely because they require at least 3 years experience.
  4. Maritimer

    Working online?

    I work from home for a local health system and they require us to be in-state. I do not need a landline as we use an internet phone over a VPN. I just need fast internet. :)
  5. Maritimer

    Head injuries

    I'm not a school nurse (yet--longtime lurker ), but I downloaded a nice app from the CDC for when I do camp nursing--it's called Head's Up. Has good info for parents. P.S. Currently I do telephone triage and our protocols state a mild headache (relieved by OTCs) is normal for the first 24 hours after a head injury--it's interesting that the CDC is so vague about it.
  6. Maritimer

    Is it ok to take Verbal Chemo Orders

    Nope, nope, nope!! Policy at my facility is that chemotherapy orders are written/entered, NEVER verbal. Offices that aren't online fax orders. Even if orders are modified the provider does it. We only verify. Pharmacy wouldn't even touch orders without a provider's signature.
  7. Maritimer

    Anybody here??

    Just started a telephone triage job at a call center that services several medical practices in my health system. We work from home, which is wonderful. It certainly can be stressful though. I feel I am learning a new way to "see" my patients. I too hope this board becomes a bit more active. Would love to hear from other telephone triage nurses.
  8. Maritimer

    Trying to give a less painful IM gluteal injection

    Aside from the "dart" technique others mention, I ask a question and administer the injection while they are answering. Works like a charm--even on dramatic teenagers.
  9. Maritimer

    Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    I haven't flushed routinely with heparin in a long time due to HIT--we generally just use saline with our Groshong ports unless we have had clotting issues, in which case we will add low-dose heparin. We do still use heparin flushes on our non-Groshong tunneled catheters and PICCs. Not sure where to find an article, though; our policies don't have resources cited.
  10. Wow, it was that easy for you? Nice! Due to my PA residence, they wouldn't even talk to me until I was fingerprinted for MD. Glad that process is over, and wish PA would just join the compact already!! I now hold active licenses in three states!
  11. Wow, it was that easy for you? Despite my active ME license, due to my PA residence they wouldn't even talk to me until I was fingerprinted for MD. Good for you! I'm glad mine is over and done, it was a royal headache!
  12. Yes, I second Lev
  13. Another nurse with multiple licenses here. I currently hold ME, PA and MD licenses, which wouldn't be necessary if PA would just join the compact. But I don't see that happening any time soon.
  14. Maritimer

    Patient First Urgent Care?

    Do they do a lot with IVs? I'm looking at a part-time job with them, but it's been YEARS since I started an IV!
  15. Just had a class on this a couple of months ago, actually! The FDA allows people with hereditary hemochromatosis to donate blood, but the Red Cross currently does not accept those donors. Something about the patient benefiting financially because it saves them from having to pay for a procedure? There may be other organizations that do accept those donations, but I'm guessing they're not as easy to find. It seems silly to waste perfectly good blood when we're always crying for donors... Donating Blood Questions and Answers Iron & Blood Donation | American Red Cross