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  1. Hi all, I am a new nurse and recently started my first job in a psychiatric hospital. In all of our units, pts might be on detox protocols. Part of the assessment is to note it their pupils are pinpoint, larger than normal, much larger than normal, etc. This seems straightforward when I type it, but it is something I am really struggling with! In school, we of course assessed for PERRLA and noted the width of pupils in millimeters, but we never covered this. At this point, I still have a preceptor with me, so I always run my assessment by him/ her, and I'm usually wrong. Does anyone have a good resource for learning this assessment- preferably with pictures :-). I am fine with discriminating pinpoint versus extremely dilated, but everything in between looks normal to me. Thanks!
  2. grrArrg

    Excited about new psych position!

    Congratulations! I just got a job offer in psych, and I am very excited!