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  1. I have been working pedi er for 2 years and one thing that annoys me about it is when people question other people’s acuity. For example I usually triage displaced long bone fractures (femur, humerus, tibia) as a 2 acuity and was called out for it. In pediatrics that can also be considered a suspicious injury, it hurts a lot and is higher risk for compartment syndrome. I was once called out for giving a 2 acuity to a patient with blunt trauma and an impressive amount of skull showing. Ugh the passive aggressive nature of the ER can really make me hate it...
  2. NewRN24

    CPEN help so nervous!

    Good morning fellow nurses, Tomorrow I take CPEN and I am SOOOO nervous. I do not feel prepared at all and have absolutely no idea how this test is going to go. I have a lot of pediatric emergency experience and am sure I have a good foundation but I was doing a few practice questions and thought OMG this is hard. For example, did you know that having chicken pox increases your risk for Osteomylitis? I didnt! Any good advice/study materials that might help me build more confidence? TIA.