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  1. morgs125

    New Grad PICU RN

    I have been blessed with landing my dream career as a PICU nurse! I will be graduating in less than a month from nursing school with my BSN and will begin work as a PICU nurse soon after. I am so excited that all of my hard work has paid off and that I will be fulfilling my dream of helping and caring for critically ill kids. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach the start of this new career? I will go through roughly 12 weeks of orientation on the unit, and I am familiar with the staff and unit already due to a previous preceptorship on the unit. However, any advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  2. morgs125

    LSU BSN Fall 2012 applicants

    that what i was wondering about too...i guess I'll just look kind of decent just incase we take ID picures
  3. morgs125

    LSU BSN Fall 2012 applicants

    really random question, but does anyone know what the attire is for the advising sessions?