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LPNwithBIGdreams has 11 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Dementia / Hospice.

10 year LTC LPN. Halfway done with my BSN and currently in school. Check back in 2022 for my RN 😄

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  1. LPNwithBIGdreams

    Kitchen gals tried to eat the patient's food

    They didn’t eat them yet, saved with plastic wrap on it
  2. LPNwithBIGdreams

    Kitchen gals tried to eat the patient's food

    Hi everyone, I have a dilemma. I work at a nursing home. My patient did not get her breakfast tray so I went to the kitchen. The kitchen told me to go find the girl handing out the trays and turned me away as they made themselves plates of food. I found the girl handing out trays and she said "why didn't they just make you a tray?" We got back to the kitchen and the girls tried to tell me they were out of hashbrowns. I saw hashbrowns on 2 plates saved for the kitchen girls. They were about to tell me to tell my patient that the hash browns were all served and gone... I told the kitchen girls they need to give those hash browns to the patient. I did not say please...I could have been nicer but I was already turned away once to go find someone. I am an LPN. So the girls said "You can't talk to us like that!" Anyways I told the kitchen manager. I just feel like they were about to tell the patient we were all out of hash browns while eating it up for themselves. Now I'm hated in the kitchen and it's awkward. Am I a POS or what? Like what should I have done differently? My boss told me I could have handled it differently. What did she mean by that? I have a feeling she is a person who just lets stuff slide for the sake of peace...but at the patients expense.
  3. My school is not authorized for my state. Could I just do the online program and then take the RN NCLEX in Texas or some other authorized state and then nurse compact it to my state? Thank you, It's Allegany college of Maryland.
  4. LPNwithBIGdreams

    RN coworker discouraged me

    My nurse co worker made a comment that kinda irked me. Wondering what I should do with this situation. I am going back to school for an LPN-BSN. I am halfway through the program. Anyways I'm explaining to her in a work conversation, a friendly one, that I am no longer eligible for the COVID vaccine because my 4 year old son and my 35 year old brother both got dx with viral triggered autoimmune type 1 diabetes. She hits me with the "You really shouldn't be a nurse because you are a hypochondriac." She has also called me "crazy" in the past. she is not joking she is "constructively criticizing" me. Should I ignore her, get my BSN and become her boss until she retires?
  5. Hello. I have been an LPN, CDP for 10 years. Yesterday, my RN unit manager asked me to do the wound care she usually does. So I did the dressing on this lady (lets call her Bertha). Bertha micromanaged the entire procedure from start to finish. (what are you doing? The other nurse doesn't do it this way. Stop. That's not the right dressing. Stop. That part is backwards, upsidown, etc. ) I'm 28 and I look younger. The RN is 65+ and is seasoned. But I'm seasoned, too. Anyways, I finished up the dressing and the resident said there was no pain just some discomfort since I just cleaned the wounds. I administer PRN tylenol for pain and the post pain was 0/10. Resident comfortable, or so I thought... I came in today and went to do the dressing again. The resident told me that yesterday I left a crease in the heel part of the dressing so she had another nurse come RE-DO THE ENTIRE THING at 3pm just 1 hour after I left. I know in my heart I did NOT do that bad of a job. So what I did was said "Oh I'm so sorry that happened. Let me get the RN." So I went to grab the RN and I pawned the dressing change off on her. At this point in my career, If I get a complaint like that I decided that I am a liability. I refuse to do a dressing Patients lie & lash out. Sometimes they are bad people who want others to hurt the way they hurt. This is the *** truth of it. So the resident also had the RN re-wrap the dressing 2 times just now. She also said she is suing our company because "a nurse was rude to her."
  6. LPNwithBIGdreams

    Why is Keppra and Dilantin given 1 hour apart?

    My resident has an order that states "MAKE SURE KEPPRA AND DILANTIN ARE GIVEN 1 HOUR APART AND 1 HOUR SEPARATE FROM OTHER MEDS" Why is this? Is it a drug interaction? Anyone know? Thanks!
  7. I just submitted my application for the January 2018 BSN cohort. I've been an LPN for 7 years. My gpa is 3.15. I hope I get in!! Anyone else?
  8. LPNwithBIGdreams

    What is the average 2017 Colorado salary

    Wondering what your 2017 salary is For RN in Colorado?
  9. LPNwithBIGdreams

    were you scared/nervous on your first day of work as LVN

    Nope not at all. :jester:KIDDING i was terrified. all knowledge of anything i learned was erased. lol but it got a lot better and within 3 months i felt better