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  1. Reva_DIVA

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    I just finished an assignment in HI. The staff was friendly to me and the other travelers there. They were really appreciative to just have help finally. I was in the NICU at Kapiolani so I can only speak for that unit and hospital.
  2. Reva_DIVA

    Fresno/Madera housing

    Does anyone have any recommendations on housing in Fresno/Madera area? I will be working in the NICU at Children's Central CA in Madera and their satellite unit at St. Agnes in Fresno. If anyone has traveled in that area can you tell me where you stayed and the cost?
  3. Reva_DIVA

    Traveler RN

    I travel all over. I go where ever the opportunity presents itself.
  4. Reva_DIVA

    New job in a level IV NICU

    Working in the NICU can be a bit intimidating at first but I'm sure you will love it! Good luck!
  5. Reva_DIVA

    Favorite Places

    I'm in Los Angeles now and I love it! Minneapois would come in a close second but I'd only recommend you visit during the Spring/Summer months.
  6. Reva_DIVA

    Help! NY RN license questions

    I did both just to cover my bases. I submitted the form to my nursing board and they forwarded the form to NY.
  7. Look into accelerated or second degree BSN programs in your area. A lot of hospitals only hire BSN nurses now so you will have a greater chance of securing a position after nursing school with a BSN. If you haven't graduated more than 7 years ago you should be able to use some of your credits from you BA as prereqs for nursing school. HRSA has a nursing scholarship program in which you can apply. They will pay for your tutition and give you a monthly stipend in exchange for 2 years of practice in an underserved community.
  8. Reva_DIVA

    Tips for job hunting new RN

    I'm sure you have probably found a job by now but try UMC in Jackson, MS they hire new graduates. I'm not sure where you live in MS but relocating to a different city or state will be a good idea.
  9. I did the accelerated program at the univerity of memphis but I did not work during the program. I received the HRSA nursing scholarship which paid for my tuition and gave me a stipend of $1200 each month. I know this is a late post but you can look into that scholarship they shoud be opening up a new application cycle for fall 2014.
  10. Reva_DIVA

    I'm moving, but where should I go?

    I'd recommend Northern California. They have high pay and mandated patient ratios plus the cost of living is reasonable in the suburbs.
  11. Reva_DIVA

    Traveler RN

    Go to the travel nure specialty section, there are several threads in that part of the site that will answer your questions. Travel nursing is what you make of it. If you are looking to experience new places then it is a great opportunity to get out there and see the world. If you are looking for pay however it might not be what you expect if you are from one of the already high paying states such as CA. There are several travel companies...TONS. You really just have to go out there and research and see which one is the best fit for you. You will see mixed reviews for a lot of companies but you really have to focus on what YOU want and need from a company. I have been traveling for 2 years now and there are things I love about it like traveling to different cities, meeting new people, and experiencing a different aspects of nursing; but, there are also some things I don't enjoy such as being away from family and having to up root my life every few months but the good outweight the bad for me so I am continuing on this journey for now.
  12. Reva_DIVA

    Working as a student nurse

    I attended nursing school at U of Memphis and the nurse intern positions were very competitive while I was in school which was 08-09. I know baptist had a nurse intern position that you applied for but there were several applicants and you had to go through a rigourous interview process to get selected. My best advice is to contact the units nurse manager and speak with him/her directly about a nurse intern position on their unit. Good Luck
  13. Reva_DIVA

    NICU Interview!

    I took the same route you did. I initally started off in Med-Surg after nursing school since everyone told me I needed to in order to perfect my time management and skills but I transferred to the NICU after a year of Med-Surg. Best decision ever! I am currently traveling as an NICU nurse after a year working in the NICU! Just be yourself in the interview and let them kow how passionate you are about working in the NICU. Basically, sell yourself as being open to learn. They know you are new to the NICU so they will have to train you because the NICU is totally different from Med-Surg. Good Luck and let us know if you get a job offer!
  14. Reva_DIVA

    Travelers in your NICU?

    I saw your PM but unfortunately I cannot respond right now since I haven't reached the minimum required posts. The way staff treats travelers differ with each facility but I haven't ever had an issue in the 2 years that I have traveled. There are some nurses that are just rude but they are usually rude to everyone and not just the travelers.
  15. Reva_DIVA

    US nurse looking to go to Dubai

    I am a NICU nurse with 4 years of experience and I have been traveling for the past 2 years. I'm seeking advice from any US nurse that is or has worked in Dubai. I have researched online but get vague answers on housing and salary. I have several questions. Should I apply with an agency or directly though the hospital? If through an agency, which one would you recommend? Do I need to obtain my RNC or CCRN prior to applying? How much is the salary and is it paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly? Is housing provided or stipend offered? How long is the process to obtain licensure from DHA? Are there opportunities for advancement? Has your experience been positive or negative? I know that's a lot of information to go through so I would greatly appreciate any advice given. Thanks!