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  1. sparklenshine1210

    Any chance the Pearson Vue Trick is wrong?

    I read through that one and no one has posted about getting the CC page and passing. Guessing that I really must have failed then...
  2. sparklenshine1210

    2014 Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) Poll

    Took the NCLEX yesterday and had 265 questions. I went home and did the PVT and got the "results on hold" pop up and tried repeatedly all night. Today I tried the PVT and got the CC page. I seriously hope this is wrong. I've already been hired at a hospital and the next available day for me to take the NCLEX will be when I was planning to go to Europe. I just feel like a failure. I studied using Kaplan and my school used ATI. I even read through the Mark Klimeck books. I just don't know what to do...
  3. sparklenshine1210

    Any chance the Pearson Vue Trick is wrong?

    So yesterday I took the NCLEX and got all 265 questions. Pretty sure I felt like I had failed which from what I've gathered so has everyone else. I had about 50 select all that apply (yes I actually counted) and my questions were truly hard! I studied using Kaplan and was averaging 50-67% on the Qbank and trainer tests. Just to clear things up even more I currently work as a PSA at a hospital and have already been hired on my floor contingent on passing NCLEX. So you can see how devastated I was when I got home and tried the Pearson Vue trick and got the "results on hold" messages. I tried for the rest of the evening and still the same response. I read online that seeing the on hold message isn't always bad it just means you might have finished too quickly, your background check seems suspicious, or the palm scanner didn't match up (which did happen during one of my breaks). Today I tried the PVT and was lead to the credit card page. I am balling my eyes out feeling like a failure. To make it even worse I can't retake the test til October 5th which is when I was planning on going to Europe for a week. So my question is: is there any chance the Pearson Vue Trick is wrong? Anyone out there thought they failed using PVT but they didn't?
  4. sparklenshine1210

    ATI Appeal

    Hi all, I go to a nursing college that integrates ATI into our curriculum. My most recent class that I took was Nursing care of children- my average text exam score was an 80%, I passed my clinical with a Satisfactory, and I did excellent on all of my class assignments but what took the most difficulty was the ATI final proctored exam. Our school requires us to get a level 2 (63.3) to pass the entire class, so even if you recieved an overall A in the class you would fail if you did not pass this test. We are given 2 tries to pass the test and the first try I received a 55.5. After a week long of studying the provided ATI book (read it thoroughly twice), studying class notes, reviewing the Nurse Logic testing strategies, and going through practice tests/ focused review I received a 61.7 (1.4 or 1 question short of passing. After meeting with my course coordinator I was informed that I would not be passing the class due to the 1 question that I missed. I am currently writing an appeal letter that is to be sent to the dean of the nursing department and the dean of the school. Does anyone have any pointers for this letter? Any past experiences from the ATI testing? Any scholarly journals that can support my appeal? Also, (worst case scenario) is there any nursing colleges that would accept my current nursing credits so that I could still graduate by next year? I'm currently put in a difficult situation because my school only offers this class once a year, so not only will I have to wait til next year to take the class again, but I will not be allowed to take any other nursing classes at my school next year, and I will have to put off graduation for another year.