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Noodle411 has 8 years experience as a ADN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Adult-Gero NP.

I like leading a simple and peaceful life - nursing is not simple. 

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  1. Noodle411

    NP exam

    I can only guess that you took the ANCC *acute* care NP exam since you also mentioned having taken the AACN exam. Since you mentioned having difficulty with "professional role and core competencies" portions, I might recommend taking Sarah Mich...
  2. Noodle411

    Business knowledge or idea

    Hello, I am considering self employment as well, which led me to Justin Allan's courses page. This is the link. Hope it helps you figure out what business might best suit both of your skill sets. ...
  3. Noodle411

    The "easiest way" to pass the AANC test?

    I empathize with you. I also failed my first attempt. Sarah Michelle's course helped me pass the board exam. I was able to pass my exam far earlier than the allotted time. The questions seemed easier the 2nd time around, too. https://npreview...
  4. I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but I know my NP school accepted international students and I'm certain there are others in th...
  5. Noodle411

    NP Military Spouse Overseas

    I am an NP who is also a mil. spouse. I did look into this a while back, but for different reasons. I don't want to bore you, so I'll get straight to the resources that you may find beneficial in the following links to ThriveAP and USA Jobs (you can ...
  6. Noodle411

    Gift Idea for Preceptor?

    I gave one of my preceptors a 3-in-1 charging cable that has a USB-C, a Lightning plug for iPhones, and a micro USB so that she can charge both her Android phone and her iPhone at the same time (as she had borrowed mine a few times). For another pre...
  7. Noodle411

    How does telemedicine work? Esp as an NP

    Yes, there are certainly limitations to not being able to do a physical exam on a patient and patients need to be made aware of this as well when making their appointment for telemedicine/telehealth/televisit. Since I do not work with pediatric ...
  8. Noodle411

    Training for new NP's

    Hi Nichole, Since your original post was in January, I am wondering what your experience ended up being (now that it's been nearly 10 months later). I am curious because I find myself in a similarly specific position -- I graduated in May 2020 (AGNP)...
  9. Noodle411

    Best RN job experience for FNP

    Speaking as a newly graduated adult health NP, here's my experience and what I learned: As an NP student, I also thought that I would need special RN experience that would help prepare me for the NP role. However, I learned (and was told by f...
  10. Noodle411

    Personal malpractice insurance

    According to the American Nurse's Association (ANA), "Many nurses mistakenly believe they are covered by their employer's liability insurance — until a licensing board complaint or lawsuit is filed and they find that no one is advocating for their in...
  11. Noodle411

    Corrections Nurse for a New Grad

    From 2014-2016, I worked in state correctional facility, in the Long-Term Care units run by Corizon, a contracted company. I worked strictly per diem and worked a variety of shifts. Since I'm not sure how they do things in other facilities, so I can ...
  12. Hi Flor, I worked in corrections as my first job as a new grad RN; worked for there for 2.5 years in long-term care units of a max B facility. I applied for a hospice position in a hospital - emailed my cover letter and resume. In spite of my having ...
  13. Noodle411

    When to apply

    I'm replying based on my own experience when I was a new grad. I would say 2-3 months prior to the time you expect that you are able to work... Graduate, pass NCLEX, and get professional liability insurance. Hope that's helpful. Wishing you all the b...
  14. Noodle411

    Loving the job, poor orientation

    Dear Trampledunderfoot, LPN, My first job out of school was also in corrections at a state correctional facility in a long-term care unit. I was told the same thing about orientation -- and there were times I felt that I was thrown into it without am...
  15. Noodle411

    Insulin Line

    I'm responding based on my own experience as a former correctional nurse that worked in a New York State maximum B security facility in a long-term care unit (last worked at that facility in 2017). "... do you allow inmates to complete the FSBS with ...