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  1. Terrible Medication Error

    I'm sorry it wasn't over 3 hrs. I received the medication from pharmacy around 3:55 am and 75ml had gone in by 5am. I remember this because I had to draw a PTT at 5am which is why I noticed the error when i went in the patient's room. So it actually ...
  2. Terrible Medication Error

    Sorry about the grammar errors. I was typing fast because I have to get to sleep so I can wake up for work tonight. I work 7p-7a.
  3. Terrible Medication Error

    I made the worst medication error today and feel so horrible about it. I literally wanted to quit the job from sadness and embarrassment. I'm a new nurse and have only been working at the hospital for about 5 months. I've been a nurse for about 10 mo...
  4. It took me a while to get my ATT for nclex because I had a minor set back due to some legal things I had to deal with. Now the time has finally come and I got my ATT but now i'm a nervous reck. I've been studying with virtual ATI a program my school ...
  5. Thanks for all the people that responded to this. All I had to do was show proof that everything was paid off and that the case was dismissed. I got some papers faxed over from court to the BON and I wrote a letter explaning to them exactly what happ...
  6. Thank you so much and I'm hoping for the best outsome as well.
  7. (sorry it's so long, please read) I just graduatued from nursing school in may 2012 with my ADN and I just recently paid for my license in kentucky, all my background checks, and I just paid for my nclex. All of my classmates did the same process in ...