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  1. COHN study tips, please

    I took and passed the exam in '13. I used the Datachem CD and the format of the practice questions were not like the test itself. I would describe each question as a scenario, very similar to the questions on NCLEX. The study materials you mentioned ...
  2. COHN Exam Scheduled

    Passed the COHN exam. I was surprised with the format of the questions. Glad to have that behind me, and that certification under my belt!
  3. COHN Exam Scheduled

    I am scheduled to take the COHN exam next Friday the 23rd. I have been studying months with the Certistep CD and Core Curriculum of Occupational & Enviromental Health Nursing book. Not so much nervous about taking the exam, but more ready to fina...
  4. Doctor texting order turned into a nightmare

    Absolutely not. I can't tell you how many times I receive text messages from friends where the autocorrect has changed words. Bad enough that I have had to decipher doctors notes in charts, let alone text message shorthand.
  5. American Literature & College Algebra

    I took College Algebra and US History together. I was swamped with my US History class, and my Algebra class suffered. I withdrew from the Algebra class. I plan to take the Algebra at a community college. Which seems to be the popular choice here on ...
  6. Challenging Transfer Credits

    That actually gives me a glimmer of hope. Great idea sending official descriptions. I am content with the classes that they did give me credit for. It seems like a large group from this board have to take Technical Writing. After hearing about what a...
  7. Challenging Transfer Credits

    Just curious if anyone has had to contact their academic advisor to challenge transfer credits not given credit for. I recently sent in a request to be given credit for two classes that I had taken at an accredited university. Hopefully someone has a...
  8. Books

    It appears that there are a few options, in history books. Unfortunately the link for the History 1312 class syllabus is not available yet. Can't imagine that required materials would be much different between instructors. Thanks for the link dcom!
  9. Books

    Wow! Never knew that website existed. When signing up for classes, the university makes it sound like the books are only available at their bookstore. In the past I always went to the local bookstores near campus to get books. Unfortuantely my Algebr...
  10. Books

    Hello all, Finished signing up for RN-BSN online classes that will be starting 10/22/12. Lucky me has to take History of the US 1312. I looked at the recommended book list, and it was extensive. Has any one taken this class? If so, what book would yo...
  11. Health and Wellness Fair

    Just curious if anyone here has ever held a Wellness Fair at their worksite. In the midst of putting one together with several different vendors. Currently have the usual vendors: doctors, massage therapists, fitness gyms,etc. Didn't know if anyone h...
  12. OR Pet peeves

    * Being asked is the room and pt ready by anesthesia, when walking back from PACU. * Answering the surgeons phone throughout the entire case.
  13. Bovid smoke and plume

    For the occasional "bovie" smoke and smelly code browns, I would dab the outside of my mask with mint toothpaste. I always kept a small tube of it handy. Always helped me.
  14. Adding more letters?

    I will look in to UNC Chapel Hill. I believe Bonnie Rogers may have some affiliation? I have a couple of books Occupational Health Nursing Guidelines that she authored. Always looking for ways to expand my OHN knowledge base.
  15. Does your supervisor call & text you at all hours?

    On my days off, the calls usually went to voicemail. I always called back to decline, just as a courtesy. That way I wasn't faced with the anxiety of them calling again and again. I would also get calls later in the day to see if I could work in the ...