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Just curious if anyone here has ever held a Wellness Fair at their worksite. In the midst of putting one together with several different vendors. Currently have the usual vendors: doctors, massage therapists, fitness gyms,etc. Didn't know if anyone had any possible unique vendor ideas I may be overlooking. I would like to make this as interactive for the employees as possible. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

Have you thought of any organizations in your area that would love to have this chance to get their message out? I was thinking of anything to do with elder care, life planning, organizations like American Heart Association, etc. If your local hospital has something like a senior health department, they might publish some type of directory that might help spark some ideas. Good luck!!

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for my last health fair, i changed the tonefrom just medical to whole health (mind and body balance). i highlighted the importance of work/lifebalance, reduction of stress, and participation in diversionary activities. i felt that by making wellnes fun, i would have a better participation. my vendors included golfing, sailing instruction, cooking classes, aesthetician,etc. (along with the usual participants).

i received positive feedback from the employees. they said things like, thiswas the first time a health fair was fun! popcorn machines can be a good draw too (encouraging healthy snacks).

We went a little alternative last year after ever-decreasing participation at our annual health fair. We hired a "life coach" who brought a biophotonic sensor, or something like that. Apparently it measures the antioxidant levels in people's skin. Even if it's complete snake oil, it was an opportunity to discuss antioxidants, and people really liked to have a solid number to measure their overall health.

We also do the usual cholesterol/BMI/blood pressure metrics that are pretty common.

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