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Graduated nursing school in December, 2011. I have not taken the NCLEX yet as I am enjoying some time off while concurently studying. I am working as a business owner/operator of a small business I began when I started nursing school.

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  1. I recently graduated from a private college with an associate degree in nursing. I went thru 4 semesters with a group of about ten other students. I had to repeat my last semester, so I was with a completely new group of students for my last semester. The friendliness and attitude of the two classes couldnt have been more different! The first group of classmates were very competitive with each other, they were basically split down the middle with two groups not liking each other. It was hard to get along with anyone in that group. The second group I actually graduated with was a completely different story. They were all friendly, helpful, and they all loved one another! Who knows what the difference was? The second group was identical in ages, and group size. I guess it just depends on who happens to be in the class and the personalities of each one!
  2. blondiestime2

    Am I crazy or what?

    I realize that a single post on this thread wont change anything.... just grasping at straws I guess!! Thank you all for taking the time to comment and post, I appreciate every one of you and will take your advice to heart.
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    Pretty sure my clinical instructor HATES me.

    Yep, graduated as I said in my post. ( I assume you are talking to me)?
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    5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    I didnt know that planet Nimron was a compact planet?!
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    5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Wow, they will let just about anybody into the nursing field these days!
  6. blondiestime2

    Pretty sure my clinical instructor HATES me.

    Ive only been out of nursing school for 6 months, so my wounds are still fresh.... Halve way through my very last semester, the DON decided to fail me in the clinical portion even though I was passing Med Surg. I was crushed. That meant I had to go another semester and was not able to graduate with my class. I felt I was treated unfairly and was singled out simply because I am a "non-traditional" student. I was absolutely convinced I was being personally picked on, and was filled with pain and extreme anger. Well, now that I have graduated, I can absolutely see that I did need that extra semester in school, and I was in fact not prepared to graduate with my class. The stresses of nursing school will sometimes cloud your thinking and not allow you to see things clearly. Another thing, I was told by an instructor that my school believed in treating the nursing students better than the "old school" ways of constantly beating down the student through fear and humiliation. So, thats just how most nursing schools train the students, by treating then like crap. I guess its just their way of acting like the drill Sergeant and preparing us to be thick skinned after we go to work as a licensed nurse.
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    Advice from someone who hires

    Great thread! Thank you so much for your insight. I was wondering if you might help me with setting up my resume. I am a new grad with very little nursing experience, but I am also 50 years old with tons of experience in business ownership and mgmt. How might I intertwine that with a nursing resume?
  8. Thank you so much for your insight. I was wondering if you might help me with setting up my resume. I am a new grad with very little nursing experience, but I am also 50 years old with tons of experience in business ownership and mgmt. How might I intertwine that with a nursing resume?
  9. blondiestime2

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    It was my very first clinical rotation, 2nd semester in nursing school at a nursing home. I was trying to assist a gentleman (named Roger) out of bed. The problem was, everytime I would lift him off of his bed a firm voice would shout very loudly "Get back in bed Roger!!!!!!" I was dumbfounded, the patient couldnt speak and tell me what it was, so I called in the instructor to help. We all were rolling on the floor everytime we tried to lift and this voice would yell at us to get Roger back in bed. Come to find out of course, it was one of those "speaking" bed alarms!!!! I had never even heard of such a thing, I thought I would die laughing everytime I tried to lift and was firmly told by the machine to get Roger back in bed!
  10. blondiestime2

    Spirituality in Nursing

    I am 100% with you on this. I too am sick and tired of the demands and irrational comments by people who seem to think the world revolves around them and any reference to God in any way shape or form is in some way and some how a personal attack! You dont see christians running around demanding changes that we feel we are ENTITLED too. Its just the fad of the nation now. We cant let anyone say anything that may offend the very few. haha!
  11. blondiestime2

    A nursing student at 48. My journey could be yours...

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to move forward with my nursing career!!!! I cant tell you what an inspiration this article was for me. I started nursing school at the age of 50. I am now 53 and I did graduate last Dec. 2011. It is now 6 months later and I still have not taken the NCLEX exam! Fear of failure has overtaken me and Ive been stalled out. Reading about everyone's experience has been a tremendous encouragement for me. Ive always been a bit of a worry wort, I just need reminding every now and then that it can be done! I cant remember which member has this signature line on her posts, but it has been very encouraging to me as well. Here it is: "If God brings you to it.... He will bring you through it". I LOVE that!! Ive been through the nursing school "hell" so its time to start anew with a fresh new career! Thank you!
  12. blondiestime2

    How nervous were you when you took the NCLEX?

    Graduated almost 6 months ago and STILL havent taken the NCLEX because of fear and anxiety!! I know, I know, the longer you wait, etc... I am just like the others here who break out in a sweat and the heart starts beating fast when I open a book to study! Its funny, I never did have a problem with tests in school, its just this MAJOR do or die test thats got me all in a tizzy. Everyone keeps telling me, well, if you fail, just take the darn thing again. I can say that, but I dont want to fail! Guess Ill never know unless I take it huh? I should just get over it and find out for myself if the whole NCLEX thing is hyped or what.
  13. blondiestime2

    Are you a nurse with "alternative" spiritual beliefs?

    I know quite a few nurses who actually became RN's because of their faith. Of course I would only know this since I share the same faith with them, as they wouldnt go around announcing it to co-workers or patients. Nursing is a natural profession for christians to go into by helping and caring for others. My friend feels like she is doing the Lords work with her hospice care, even if she never professes her faith to her patients. I personally would never try to force my beliefs or prayers on a patient unless asked by them to do so. I do find comfort in knowing I am helping a patient when they ask me to pray for them or with them. Christian patients do sometimes find it comforting to know that their nurse shares their belief when they find out. As far as non-believing patients, it is not my job to tell them what to believe, I care for them regardless of what they believe, even if it is nothing! I would never put them down or try to "save" them, I would only love and care for them. People like to put all christians into the same catagory and generalize them. Every christian, every person, and every church has their own beliefs, and some of them are not at all the same. The term "Christian" and its beliefs are so broad and varied that one cannot put a single label on it. Granted, their are some christians who give us a bad name with their constant preaching about money and the "better than thou" attitudes, and more. Everyone is guilty of grouping all faiths together as one such as pagens, atheists, Jews, muslims or what ever the faith would be. We need to remember that even those groups have differing beliefs among them. Like politics, religion is something that should not be discussed in the work place. Every one will have a different opinion, and it would only cause conflict and ill feelings. Religion is a very personal thing so I think people of all faiths should respect their co-workers and patients and just keep it to themself if at all possible!
  14. blondiestime2

    Am I crazy or what?

    It has been 6 months since I graduated my RN school and I still have not taken the NCLEX! I am scard to death of going to work. I've thought about it, and I really believe that is the reason I havent taken it yet. (I'm blessed to have a loving and patient husband who can support us, but barely). Ive been to two "boot camps", and I have an ATI tutor waiting for me to finish with her so I can get the green light to take it. I had such a difficult time in school, (Im 50 yrs old by the way) everytime I think about it I cringe. I barely passed the math portion of it and had some bad experiences with some of the instructors and fellow students. I have seen the way some nurses treat new grads and fellow co-workers and its not pretty, with lots of bullying going on. I experienced some of it myself while in school. I have been self employed for many many years, and the thought of going to work as a new RN and having to deal with bullies, learning new skills, and the whole mess is freaking me out. I really need to get out there and go to work for financial reasons, I cant seem to get motivated, and I am slowly loosing memories of my education and what it takes to pass the NCLEX. I would like very much to enter Pychiatric nursing as it has always been my passion. I seem to be frozen with fear and dont know what to do about it. i really need help to figure this all out and get moving toward the goals I started over two years ago when I began my education as an RN. I did well in school (except math) with a 3.5 grade average at graduation. Any help or advise would very much be appreciated.
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    2nd Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

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    2nd Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

    So, this is what they mean by continuing education...