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  1. Thank you so much. I have survived several things that it was said that I would not. I'm very very blessed
  2. I would rather not discuss the story behind my illness but I will say that I'm a RRT! The reason I am asking this forum the questions that I have is because I just want to learn I've had massive experience with the medic field. Not only am I an RRT But I came here Because it seems like a nice place for several healthcare providers. I hope you would understand.
  3. Yes that is all that matters. That we made it and are still alive at the end. Recovery is still in progress for me but I'm doing well and Air Mattress thankful that I made it to the end when it wasn't known if I would. Well now, we both can say, WE KNOW THAT WE BOTH BEAT THE ODDS! I take a minute every day to appreciate what good recovery feels like.
  4. Ok, this is EXTREMELY UNCONVENTIONAL QUESTION! I know this is going to leave some nurses gasping thinking, 'Why on earth is he asking this? I know but on Allnurses I have gotten a huge amount of good laughs. The medical field is of such profound depth, and reading stories and learning soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much is just a fraction of what you can do here. You can also laugh yourself into the position where your sides are hurting and you end up gasping for a breath. I mean, come on. A Clinitron bed mattress being punctured, sending those beads flying and lots of other things. What I am going to ask is you to tell me your strange specialty bed stories. I would like this thread to be pages and pages and Pages long. If you have had a strange bed story. Examples might be your experience with Clinitron beds gone wrong, TotalCare bed hoses coming disconnected during a Patient Percussion And Vibration treatment, or something really strange like that. This could involve the Critical care beds with the air mattress, the RotoProne bed, The RotoRest Bed, the Clinitron bed, The Triadyne bed, etc. I've often wondered what would be the result of a disconnection of One of the hoses of a TotalCare bed hoses during Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy or Percussion And Vibration treatment Or if you have had a popping air mattress when you it the bed in Max Inflate Mode. I've heard a couple of strange stories on here already. Not to mention any names. I am going to list what I know so far. A rather painful story is a nurse accidentally has her foot under the Clinitron bed. I'm glad she was all right. I'm sure that HAD TO HURT! Next story is a Clinitron bed bed air mattress being punctured accidental sending beads floating ALL OVER, sending people sliding and not that this is funny, but rather interesting. Another rather strange story was a patient who had died on the Clinitron bed and after the bed had been turned off, it was turned back on so that the family could visit the Patient and the bed inflating in sections causing the Patient to sit up rather, when the family arrived. Another story including liquid stool making s strange sound and rather boiling from the Clinitron bed. I consider this rather interesting. Specialty beds are so interesting, and I'm sure can make numerous strange and at times funny stories to hear/Read. On another forum on another website, there is a post entitled 'Why RotoProne bed sucks,' or something like that a nurse is venting about the high tech RotoProne bed that malfunctioned whilst the Patient was in the PRONE POSITION, thus causing them to have to CUT THE Patient OUT PRONE. WOW, In thinking, these specialty beds are truly prone to strange and funny stories. A nurse falling into the Beads of a Clinitron bed could be funny if a Patient was not injured m. Thank you and all at Allnurses for your greatness.
  5. I would like to thank you for sharing your story I know from experience how long hospital stays can be. They are NOT Pleasant. Especially the dreams and the hallucinations When it's around and on Christmas and you wake up realizing that one month and three days had passed, it is a real shock. When you realize that you were an inch away from death, that is gut tearing. I know. I really appreciate you telling me what your Brain could remember of the RotoProne bed.
  6. ECMO

    Defibrillators that charged to 400 J

    Wow. That is interesting. Thank you for sharing that info on these defibrillators with me.
  7. Hello. I know this is unconventional, however I have a question. Have any of you even gotten to experience what it is like to actually experience the KCI RotoProne bed for your yourself? I know this question is not your every day question, however, I would like to know what it felt like. Thank you so much. God Bless you all.
  8. Hello all. I have an unconventional question. You know now days, at the most a defibrillator will charge is 360 J I am curious to know if any of you can recall using one that actually would charge up to 400 Joules. I know that the Lifepak six would charge up to 400 J, however Intramuscular wondering if you remember any others that did. Of course now days, you would not charge to 400 J because that is not in the ACLS Protocol. Thank you so much.
  9. ECMO

    BIS Monitoring in ICU

    Hello. I have a question. For those working in Intensive Care Do you ever use BIS Monitoring when you have sedated and ventilated patients, and if so, I would like to know what you think from your experience both with and without Neuromuscular Blocking Agents. Thank you all so much. God Bless.
  10. ECMO


    Hello. I have a question. Has anybody who works with cardiothoracic Patient care ever seen a Patient who is on CPB Being placed into Deep Hypothermia AND Circulatory arrest? I am not sure how many nurses have never heard of this but occasionally in the OR When they are working on a cardiac case they will actually not only place a Patient onto the full CPB Flow Cardiopulmonary Bypass, but they will also cool the Patient down whilst they are In ASYSTOLE AND After reaching profound hypothermia at around 11-19 degrees C, they can turn the CPB PUMP OFF! WHILE THE Heart is still in ASYSTOLE. Isn't that amazing? It is only for up to around 20-45 minutes however I find this amazing to know that a Patient can recover after an operation that involves this. When the Patient is cooled down to these hypothermic temperatures the EEG Is nearly silent. And then after it all, the Patient usually wakes up neurologically intact This all depends on fact that the metabolism is slowed Down so much that Oxygen consumption is decreased significantly. Have you ever gotten to observe this? This is why patients who are involved in accidental drowning in Extremely cold water have in some cases been resuscitated and rewarmed on CPB And have made a remarkable recovery. DHCA Is truly amazing.
  11. ECMO


    Hello. I have a question for all. What is your experience with Esophotrast contrast media. I do not really know anything in the regard to it and would like to know when it is used. Thank you all.
  12. Hello. I have a question. Has anybody had any experience with bowel perforation and the administration of Barium? I know it is absolutely NOT TO BE ADMINISTERED In the suspicion of Bowel or any Gastrointestinal PERFORATION Iam just wondering if you have ever seen the after effects of it if it did happen. I know the results would be VERY Bad but would like more info.
  13. Good morning guys. I have a question. What is your experience with Aspiration of Gastrografin contrast? I know that it can in fact cause a really bad Pneumonitis but not sure what your experience with it. Have you had a bad case where the Patient actually ended up on the oscillator? How bad is the Mortality from aspiration of Gastrografin? Thank you so Much.
  14. ECMO


    Hello to all nurses. I hope that you are doing well. I have a question. If you happen to use Hill-Rom Critical care beds, What is your experience with the OPTI-REST function on these beds? I know it is a wave like motion from the air mattress but when do you turn it on from your experience? Thank you so much.
  15. ECMO

    Clinitron bed in burns.

    Hello. I hope that you are all doing well. I have a question. I would like to know your experience with with the Clinitron bed in the management of burns. Especially electric burns. Using this bed vs a full Critical Care bed with Percussion And Vibration and Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy as well as the other functions what do you think about using this bed for burn care? Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hello. I happen to have a rather unconventional question. It is about something that is seen often in the NICU. Has anybody EVER seen an adult case of Necrotizing Enterocolitis And if any of you have had a case of adult Necrotizing Enterocolitis Could you tell me your experience with it? I know it is a very very strange question but I have one research on adult Necrotizing Enterocolitis AND T Actually revealed that it while RARE, Is heard of. Thank you so much.