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  1. blazbm

    Recent UNF CRNA interviewees, who's heard back?

    I got wait listed @ UNF, but this was my first year applying- I'm travel nursing and having another year of travel excites me. I didn't apply anywhere else for that reason alone. I will apply to probably 4 or 5 places next year. What are your top 5 choices and why??
  2. Yes, I know. It's only been 3 days since interviewing, but I had today (Wed, Jan 15th) stuck in my head for some reason... and today has come and past with no phone call telling me I'm in!! So, I just gotta ask- has anyone else heard back yet?
  3. blazbm

    UNF interview 2013

    I did! Sunday, and I haven't heard back yet...
  4. Hello all :) I just applied to UNF's CRNA program. I loved living in JAX Beach and would give anything to be able to settle back down there for school. I recently took off for some travel nursing - had to get it out of my system :) I had a BSN GPA of 4.0 and all my stats/chem/etc were straight A's, my GRE scores were OK, (157 verbal & 150 math) but I'm just unsure... has anyone else applied there and what were your GRE scores? I know it's just one component of admittance, but they admission ppl were stressing that I needed to score well to be considered. I don't know what I'm comparing my scores to. All I have to go on is the admission min. requirements.
  5. blazbm

    Headed across the country! Tips for packing/the move?!

    How was the trip? :) I'm planning to take a cc road trip from Jax Beach, FL over on I-40 and all the way up to seattle (hitting up the Grand Canyon, of course, staying with a few friends along the way and maybe camping at Hot Springs Nat'l Park?) I'm not sure yet of the plan, but it's always changing. I want to start off in Alaska June- Sept for my 1st 13 week contract. I hear I'll LOVE IT there, and especially since Sept 5th is the end of my assignment and that's when there will be a new moon and I'll be on a train to Fairbanks to hopefully see Aurora Borealis So, how did you trip go? Where did you end up stopping along the way? Any advice for a fellow FL RN (I have my cat coming with) and lessons learned would be super appreciated! Thanks !
  6. blazbm

    Alaska Travel Nursing

    I'm also wanting to travel June-Sept in Alaska. Pass along any info :) Also, can anyone tell me how to PM? Bc I have been looking and am new to all nurses. Haha.. any help?
  7. Hey all, I'm a seasoned traveler, but not when it comes to travel nursing :) I have no qualms or worries about the long road trip ahead, just super excited. The only thing I'm having trouble with are decisions like: * Do I road trip it with my cat, Kona? (it'll be an amazing journey, but kind of unfair to him being locked up for a few weeks in such a small space) * Do I fly up (much cheaper, but no vehicle while in Anchorage) with him under my seat for only a few hrs and miss out on the epic journey I could've taken if I weren't concerned for him? (I love him to death, had him since he was 4 wks old, covered in fleas with a big belly full of worms lol). * There's a seasonally expensive ferry I can take from WA to AK but it'd be financially smarter to drive up the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy during late May (mild weather) and take the ferry back during Sept (lower prices)- I'd love to camp it on the way up but A.) NOT ALONE and B.) A LITTLE NERVOUS about BEARS, considering FL camping hasn't really given me the experience I'd like to be prepared for them and what about KONA? Is he potential food?! * Is there ANYBODY out there that is going to AK for work this summer that wants to share the journey part of the way? :) * ANY additional information at ALL about travel nursing in Alaska is very welcome, PM or public, I love hearing people's opinions and personal experiences... it's vey helpful, although I may not agree with it, it's always worth hearing about! Thanks everyone.
  8. blazbm

    travel in AK...

    is it smarter to go through a travel company (which ones?) or to sign up for temporary/seasonal work directly with the hospital - from experience? thanks :)