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  1. I am looking for a part-time or prn RN job in the east valley. Preferably a doctor's office or an urgent care as I work full time in an ED and would like something a little less acute. If anyone currently works in one of these settings and can offer some insight to places that may be hiring or give opinions on the places you have worked at it would be greatly appreciated. I am finding that job postings for these locations are not as easy to find/apply for as large hospitals. thank you in advance.
  2. Hawk22

    Maricopa Medical Center

    Recently received a call back from Maricopa Med Center Emergency Department about a night job. What can anyone tell me about this facility as far as benefits, staff to pt. ratio, pay scale, safety of the neighborhood, etc. Would greatly appreciate ANY information from you AZ nurses! Thank you!
  3. Hawk22

    Relocation Bonuses

    For you RN's in the Phoenix area, what is the going rate for relocation bonuses? I know that they aren't offered everywhere but what would you say is the typical range that larger Phoenix hospitals, like Maricopa or the Banners would offer for RN's to relocate to AZ? Thank you!
  4. Hawk22

    Start Dates for Abrazo and Banner New Grad RN Programs

    My husband is going to graduate in December and he has been looking for new grad jobs in that area (we live in Kansas now). Can anyone tell me more about these new grad programs??? Is there somewhere online where I can find information? Thank you so much!!!
  5. Hawk22

    Florence Hospital at Anthem??

    My husband and I are looking to relocate to the SE Phoenix area by the end of this year. We recently visited some family who live in Gilbert and while we were there we explored some of the neighboring areas. We headed down to the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley areas and noticed the new hospital. We are curious if anyone knows any thing about this new hospital (i.e. how many people they employ, what the pay is like, if there are any available jobs now). If anyone has any information about this place we would appreciate it greatly! Thank you!
  6. My husband and I are considering relocating to Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler/San Tan/ Queen's Creek etc. area starting in 2013. I recently graduated in Dec. 2011 with my BSN and am currently working in the ER at a small rural hospital here in KS. My husband is currently finishing up his second year of an ADN program and will graduate in December of this year. After reading several posts, it seems that the market for new grads anywhere in the Phoenix area is fairly bleak. I would like to stay in the ER and my husband is interested in either ER or Surgery. I was hoping to gain some insight on our chances of finding jobs there and also hear from nurses who have been in the area about which hospitals have the best pay/benefits and which are the best to work for. We would really appreciate any information or input! Thank you!