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  1. Mind0v3rmattR

    NEW Grad Interviewing for MICU. HELP!

    congrats!!! I have a phone interview monday so fingers crossed it goes well
  2. Hey board, I'm graduating this December and have applied to a critical care internship for my hospital. I'm extremely excited for this opportunity because critical care has been my goal ever since the start of nursing school. Now that I have this interview, I am more nervous than ever. I am 99% sure it is going to be a behavioral interview, as my interview for my current nurse tech position was behavioral. Do you guys/gals have any tips for a new grad going into his first phone interview for critical care? I realize critical care is tough on a new grad, I've also applied to med/surg, tele, and PCU GN positions for my hospital, but critical care is the first to get back to me. Thanks ahead of time for your responses and advice to a soon to be new grad like myself.
  3. Mind0v3rmattR

    TCU CRNA program for January 2015

    Hey guys/gals, I'm graduating nursing school here in December with my Associates. In January I will begin my RN-BSN program; I also have an interview lined up for a GN position in the ICU at the hospital I am currently a PCT for. Right now I have a 3.2 overall GPA and 3.5 science GPA. After graduating I plan on working ICU for 2 years, both for the experience as well as to save up for tuition. What tips do you guys have for getting accepted into TCU's CRNA program? I know they want the whole package, what did that mean for each of you individually and what ultimately lead to yalls acceptance? By the way, congrats on those of you who got accepted. I hear it is no easy feat and each of you have my admiration for accomplishing this.
  4. Hey all, I just finished up my first semester of Nursing School. Towards the end of the semester I had this vision of going and applying for PCT positions and getting hired on quickly. Mainly because the hospitals I had my rotations in were always complaining about the lack of Techs, how they need more, yada yada. Well, here i am almost 2 months later and still have not landed a job! One of my applications has been "in review" for over a month, The other was denied after a month, and i have applied to many more which have not even gone into review yet. I really want to work during this summer off so I don't lose my skills, as well as the rest of Nursing School. Any ideas as to why I'm having such a hard time? I have to say this "apply online only" method can be very annoying, No human contact to speak with or ask about your application. Anyone else having a hard time finding PCT positions as a Nursing Student?
  5. Mind0v3rmattR

    Weatherford college spring 2013 adn applicants

    Congrats!I got in as well :)3.0 science gpa, and killed the TEAS V,Apparently one of the highest score at weatherford :).I ended up with 19 points.
  6. Mind0v3rmattR

    Weatherford college spring 2013 adn applicants

    No one is going to weatherford this spring? Shame
  7. Hey all, havn't seen a big thread on spring 2013 for wc so I thought I'd get one started! A lot of people come into these threads that are not applying now but for information so I say go ahead and post your Science/Math GPA and your TEAS V score a long with how many points you have. That way when acceptance letters get out, people that are in earlier stages can go back and look at what we had to get accepted! I just took the TEAS V today and man am I relieved! I got a 91.3% for my individual score 93% Reading 95% Math 89.6% Science 83% English 99th percentile overall ! I have a 3.0GPA (B in AP1/2, A in micro, and taking math in the fall) and a total of 19 points. I left Karen feeling pretty comfortable! Who else is applying to weatherford for nursing this spring?
  8. Mind0v3rmattR

    Applying to Weatherford/Tarrant County college. How do i look?

    Awesome thank you guys! Im retaking Chen and micro for A's and rockin both of them.Guess I just gotta keep my hopes up!
  9. Mind0v3rmattR

    Applying to Weatherford/Tarrant County college. How do i look?

  10. I'm applying to wc and tcc for next spring, For Weatherford as long as i get 80+ on my TEAS ill be applying with 21 points, im hoping to get 90+ for 23/23 points. TCC - which is my first choice is where im a little more concerned. I will be applying with a 3.5 science GPA and a 95 on my HESI. I know tcc is rediculously competitive after getting rejected with a 3.0, not even alternate listed. So how do you guys think i look with my 3.5? is there anyone who has gotten in with that science gpa? I'm really looking to get accepted this time around, it'll be a huge amount of stress off the ol' shoulders!