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  1. I would love to meet other classmates beginning the South Alabama Accelerated BSN in July. I don't have 15 quality topics, so I cannot be messaged on All Nurses I have, however, formed a Facebook group if you'd like to do a search on FB. I am also looking for housing in the Daphne/Spanish Fort area, if anyone needs a roommate or would like to house/apartment hunt together. Can't wait to meet you!
  2. ceribeth

    Anyone applying to USA Accelerated BSN/MSN for July 13?

    Yes, I also interviewed and was accepted :)
  3. ceribeth

    South Alabama Accelerated BSN/MSN program July 2013

    I have been accepted, as well. If anyone would like to talk housing or just get to know each other, shoot a message my way :)
  4. ceribeth

    Is nursing as bad as everyone says???

    I know this is an old post, perhaps even broad and simplistic by some views, but I had a similar scare today. I am beginning an LPN program next week, having first obtained a BA in a different field of work several years ago. Making a change is always scary, and it's good having information up front, the good and the bad, to prevent surprise, shock, and awe later on. Thanks again for all these views. The posts here are really helpful, even if you think no one is reading them, even posts several years old
  5. ceribeth

    Mississippi LPN's???

    Bump. Does anyone know if this program, the Educational Advantage Program through Mississippi State hospital, is still active? Thanks for any info. I will be starting LPN school in August, so I am looking for funds.
  6. ceribeth

    Fall 2012 JCJC ADN Acceptees?

    Congrats! I am wait listed, but I expected as much, since I haven't finished the science class series. Best of luck to everyone, again :)
  7. ceribeth

    Fall 2012 JCJC ADN Acceptees?

    Thought I would begin this thread while we're waiting to hear results, one way or the other. I don't think I'll be accepted until Spring 2013, but I would love to see success stories and results from others as interview and acceptance letters are sent. Let's get this ball rolling! Best wishes to all :)
  8. ceribeth

    Admission Competitiveness for Accelerated BSN

    I would be interested in this information, as well.