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  1. lovetosleep

    Late for work excuses

    I used to live in a terrible neighborhood. I got stuck in my house because there was a dead body along with the coroner van and tons of police blocking my driveway. My boss didn't believe me when and told me to stop making excuses. It was on the news later and they ended up apologizing to me later.
  2. lovetosleep

    How long did it take until you could start??

    It took me 4 months to start once I sent everything. They lost the same one of my transcripts twice.
  3. lovetosleep

    How to get motivated?

    Hello, I just started the RN-BSN last month and I am having some serious motivation problems! I am pregnant and just so distracted with life that I don't even want to try. I know that I need to get as much done as I can now, because it will be a million times harder once the baby comes. The only thing I keep telling myself is my work will reimburse me this semester, so I have to get it done so I don't waste money. Any tips or tricks on getting / staying motivated?
  4. lovetosleep

    Am I writing this nursing diagnosis correctly?

    Thank you Esme!!! :)
  5. lovetosleep

    Am I writing this nursing diagnosis correctly?

    He did not have any history in the chart. He said this is the first time he has been to the Dr since he was a child. I think the lack of history prompted them to send him in for evaluation. He said he got the pacemaker when he was a small child in another country and did not remember why. I dont know what type of pacemaker it was, but report in the chart said the pacemaker was "failing to capture and or sense" All of his labs were normal and he did not take any meds. If the tachycardia was symptomatic he may have chest pain, dizziness, SOB, syncope, not be able to feel peripheral pulses. So he would be at risk for decreased cardiac output, decreased tissue perfusion, falls. Am I on the right track now? His vitals were BP 125/81, T 98.1, spo2 99%, RR 15. The pulse was anywhere from 85-110 when resting, and activity brought it up to 120's-130's. He denied chest pain, SOB, dizziness.
  6. lovetosleep

    Am I writing this nursing diagnosis correctly?

    I can think of lots of psychosocial nursing dx that accompany a hospital admission, but no physiological dx. His only physical problem was the tachycardia.
  7. lovetosleep

    Am I writing this nursing diagnosis correctly?

    Hi Esme, Our teacher says we have to have to choose 2 physiological nursing diagnosis for our patients. I am having a really hard time with this because the asymptomatic tachycardia is the only abnormal thing this patient has. His physical assessment was completley normal. He went to the Dr for a check up, they noticed his heartrate was abnormal, and admitted him for a work up. He has a pacemaker that was not working. They reprogrammed it and discharged him.
  8. lovetosleep

    Am I writing this nursing diagnosis correctly?

    Thank you so much for the help. The patient is completely asymptomatic. Do I need to change both of them to risk for?
  9. Ok, my patient has tachycardia (asymptomatic). The 2 nursing diagnosis I chose are: Impaired tissue perfusion R/T inadequate ventricular filling associated with tachycardia AMB heart rate ranging from 80's-130's and Decreased cardiac output R/T inadequate ventricular filling associated with tachycardia AMB??? Did I format these correctly? Does that sound right?
  10. lovetosleep

    Nursing Boundaries...can I go feed my patients cats?

    The poor cats! If I was in this situation I would find someone to open the front door, dump a whole bag of food on the floor, and leave a bucket of water for the cats. Try the fire department. They always seem to be willing to help animals. If you drive over to a firehouse with a bag of cat food and explain the situation they would probably go feed the cats. I worked at an animal hospital for years and we called the fire department several times to get help cutting things off of animals (giant tortoise who got his leg stuck in a rod iron umbrella stand, ect) If all else fails call a local animal hospital and ask them for help. They will not let the cats starve, they will find someone to go feed the cats for your patient.
  11. lovetosleep

    Should I take the classes or not?

    This is what I did: I would write out a list of all the prereq's for all of the schools you are thinking of applying to. Find the common basic prereq's that all of the schools require (usually english, anatomy, physiology ect) and start on those right away. You can probably start applying to these schools when you are done with the common prerequisites. Then as you are waiting on acceptance/rejection letters from the schools you applied to you can start taking the other random classes that some schools require. Compare the application periods of the schools (sometimes you can only apply at certain times once or twice a year) to decide what order to take the extra classes in.
  12. lovetosleep

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    Willowita, I copied and pasted this from the Student Catalog on their website: Tuition Agreement Contract Program The County of Los Angeles makes available to all enrolled students, a deferred tuition payment plan to help defray a portion of the educational expenses. A student may defer over 40% of the tuition charges each semester throughout the program. Upon graduation, the graduate has two options: OPTION A—Service Payback: Become employed as a Registered Nurse at the LAC+USC Medical Center or Olive View - UCLA Medical Center. The Service Payback Option will reduce the entire amount deferred at a rate of approximately $300.00 per month commencing with the 13th month of employment. OPTION B—Loan Repayment: Pay the deferred amount over a period not to exceed two years at a rate of 5% interest. Upon graduation, repayment begins immediately following the expiration of a 4 months grace period. NOTE: Students who do not complete the nursing program are not eligible to participate in the Service Payback option. They are to repay any amount deferred as stipulated in Option B. Any student who wishes to participate in the deferred tuition plan may complete the Tuition Agreement Contract packet during the orientation period.
  13. lovetosleep

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    Unsunghero, Thanks for all of the information! I am starting the LVN-RN bridge this summer and have been wondering what students think of this school. What semester are you in? Do they let you use calculators in the drug calculation tests? And the book list !!!!!! I read on their website that the total you would spend for all 4 semesters was 600-900 dollars. Then I got the required book list for summer and it was around $560 just for the summer. I remember thinking hmm, that 600-900 for all 4 semesters must be wrong.
  14. lovetosleep

    Question about gauged ears.

    They are 3/4 of an inch.
  15. lovetosleep

    Question about gauged ears.

    I have gauged ears and wear flesh colored silicone plugs to work, and I wore them to my Lvn program. No one ever mentioned them at school, so I don't know if they even noticed. I didn't ask about wearing my regular plugs because I would rather blend in at school and work. The silicone plugs are only 6 dollars a pair on Amazon. I have multiple pairs to keep in my purse, my car, and at home. It makes it easy to change them real quick before work, and they are super comfortable.
  16. lovetosleep

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    I got a call from LA County this afternoon, and I got in too!!!! I'm so excited, I think I'm still in shock. Congrats Studionurse! I'll see you there. Now you can go enjoy your vacation and not worry. Willowita, congrats to you too! Having a back up is awesome. Worst case scenario is you start nursing school this fall. Hopefully you will get into county. Good luck, keep us posted. You will probably find out in the next month or so.