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sarahc331 has 11 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. sarahc331

    Pantoprazole suspension

    Thank You! Can you by chance provide me with the link where you found that? I've been thinking about this...if the granules are activated by a neutral pH, how does it ever become activated once reaching the gut where the pH is even lower than that of the apple juice? And if it does indeed still break down in the gut (which we presume it does, otherwise what's the point), wouldn't adding it to the apple juice initiate that process, rather than delay it? Forgive me if I'm just being dense, but I'm not getting it.
  2. sarahc331

    Pantoprazole suspension

    Has anyone used the Pantoprazole granules (extended release suspension)? The packet says to mix with apple juice or applesauce only. I've asked a couple other nurses I work with, and the pharmacist, and none of them know. I tried doing a quick google search and the only thing I can find says to mix with one of those items & do NOT mix with water or other liquids. But I can't find out why. What's the reason? Thanks!
  3. sarahc331


    Freemont Rideout in Yuba City is the facility they tried MULTIPLE times to push me into, each time coming back with a better offer after I'd turn them down, always saying "the hospital has just authorized us to offer 'xyz...'". It sounds like the hospital itself isn't a terrible place to work based on your story. I would never take the contract thru Trustaff but if it was ever available thru my agency I may reconsider. At the time, it would have been my first travel experience and I was looking for something that sounded a little more similar to my staff facility. You said "I probably wouldn't have taken the trouble to write all this down but I saw you mention 'Chuck' ". I just want to let you know that this is exactly the type of information people are looking for (me atleast) when they come to allnurses.com and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.
  4. sarahc331

    San Ramon Regional Medical Center, CA

    Thanks for the reponse, any positive feed back is still positive! I've since learned that it's a 12 bed ICU in a 123 bed hospital, so fairly small. I would be taking the contract with Total Med. And I don't mind you asking cause I'm very happy with my recruiter and love to pass on a referral any chance I get. Andrew Wuebben is his name.
  5. sarahc331

    San Ramon Regional Medical Center, CA

    I'm trying to find information San Ramon Regional Medical Center, in San Ramon, CA but can't even find how many beds they have in their ICU. I'm considering a contract but would like more details first. Does anyone have some? Thank you!
  6. sarahc331

    Resume stand out or resume death sentence???

    It would definitely stand out but they look particularly difficult to read to me. Put yourself in the shoes of the person sifting thru resumes...you might potentially have hundreds of qualified applicants on the desk in front of you...are you going to spend extra time trying to read thru the resume of just one applicant when you've got so many others? I ended up in a forum discussing resumes when I was helping my husband write his and read from at least 2 people who do the hiring for their respective companies who both said NOT to be overly creative or to stray too far from the norm. You get used to reading resumes and know what to look for & where to look and when you get that one odd-ball one thrown in it is not more appealing.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has any RECENT travel experience w/ Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA? I'm interested in getting a contract there and have learned that American Mobile is the only agency that carries a contract with Stanford. I know my current agency tried and couldn't get one for me. Of course I've heard all the negative feedback about American Mobile and wonder if it's worth it to get into Stanford. I was hoping someone might have a recruiter with American Mobile that they've been happy with or if you know something about getting into Stanford that I don't? As an alternative, has any one worked at a different level I teaching facility in CA that they enjoyed, and which agency/recruiter were you with? Thanks in advance for your help!!