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    LPN (or ADN RN) to Corpsman/Medic?

    My 2 cents: Talk to a recruiter to scope out if the HM (Hospital Corpsman) rate has any openings. I have great respect for nurses who start out as Corpsman and then become commissioned in the Nurse Corps. They are more experienced, and some have even served in combat zones. There are great opportunities as Corpsman, but be forewarned there is a lot of competition. You will need to be "hard-charger" to seek the competitive programs to be commissioned (such as MECP - Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program). Fair winds and following seas!
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    Navy or Army Nursing Candidate Program

    The NCP program has become a highly competitive program. There are hundreds of applicants, but typically 50~60 spots. Maintain your GPA, and be involved in leadership opportunities; that will make you a competitive applicant.
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    Navy Nurse Corps... Should I or Shouldn't I??? Need help!

    Hello there SeminoleNurse90, I would say to talk to a nurse recruiter. You would go through as Direct Commission Officer (DCO) and go through ODS, which is a 5 week course. Your interest in Maternal/Infant care is great; the Navy always has a need, and usually in overseas billets like Rota, Spain or Italy but also in places stateside like Camp Pendleton. Make your interest known. You will be starting out at the O-1 pay like everyone else, however, you will advance to O-2 faster (than the typical 24 months) depending on the years of experience you have. Fair winds and following seas!
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    diagnostic tests that require npo

    A weird one I learned about the other day - Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) - this lab requires no vitamins/alcohol within 24 hours and NPO after midnight.
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    Am I a good fit for the Navy?

    The Navy is the place for you. If you are ready to serve your country all around the world and be willing to move at a moment's notice then this is your calling. As an experienced BSN, you will become a DCO (Direct Commissioned Officer). However, you will begin as an Ensign but be promoted to a Lieutenant Junior Grade earlier. You take qualifications in weapons training such as 9mm or M-16, but other than that, weapons training is not a regular part of your job. What might interest you is serving with a Fleet Marine Force where you work side-by-side with the Marines. There are so many options in the Navy if you seek them. And yes, you can't beat the duty station locations in the Navy.
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    Ods hhg

    Hello staugnurse, I recently completed ODS in August. I felt a little confused about the whole process, so I'd like to clear up some uncertainties that I had felt before, just like you are feeling now. I graduated in May but went to the August ODS. The timing is all about when you pass your NCLEX and when you get commissioned. If you pass your NCLEX and get commissioned early in the month, look towards heading to the ODS the following month. (I graduated in May, passed the NCLEX in June, got commissioned in July, and went to ODS in August) As for the HHG: you mostly have 2 options as nursespouse has stated. You will get BAH. I find it rare for officers to live on base. I did the DITY move and was reimbursed for my expenses. Keep in mind that they will not ship your personal vehicle, so you will need to drive it to your first duty station. Another option is to keep your car and drive to ODS in Newport. Then they will give you multiple travel days after you graduate from ODS to travel to your first duty station (depending on the distance from your duty station from ODS) If you travel by air, you have 1 travel day. You will find out the huge difference between ODS and OCS. 1. You are a commissioned officer when you arrive in Newport, thus you are being "developed" 2. Officer Candidates are seeking a commission, so their process is mentally and physically tough to find those most suitable to become an officer. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.
  7. Your job record is fine. I was accepted with prior job titles like "Party Expert" and "Nursing tutor." My first real job was as a PCT in a hospital for 6 months. Your GPA is also excellent. Like navylynn and zgray have stated, another boost would be any leadership experiences you have. Be involved in nursing organizations at your university.
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    Thinking about becoming Navy Nurse (officer)

    Hello Smurfette752, I wish I could provide you with all of the correct terminology for what I have heard through various sources. I heard at first that single mothers could not join, however, I recently heard about a single mother in the Navy who was able to join because their child was also under the custody of their grandparents. In the event of deployment, the child must be under the care of a legal guardian. I hope someone with more knowledge can provide you more specifics.
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    2012 NCP Graduates, any news about ODS?

    I'll be headed to ODS on 12 Aug as well. However, I'm headed to NMC San Diego.
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    Hi Nina, I will be headed to the August ODS as well. I'm currently training by running daily and reviewing the material that we will learn: Ranks for Navy & Marines, Sailor's Creed, Anchors Aweigh, Phoenetic Alphabet, General Orders of a Sentry. Navy Nurses on AllNurses are awesome! They offer plenty of advice and tips about ODS all over the forums that I have taken notes on. See you in Newport!
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    ODS aug. 2012 and stationed at NAS Jacksonville

    I will be headed to the August ODS as well but I will be stationed at NMCSD/Balboa - San Diego. See ya'll in Newport!
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    Navy NCP interview advice

    Hello, I was in the NCP program and just accepted my commission. I had 2 interviews, one by phone and the other was in person. The in-person interview was at a Starbucks and was relaxed. The interviewer was wearing shorts and a collared polo top. The questions were not difficult; they just asked questions about myself, why I chose to become a nurse and why I chose to join the Navy. The phone interviewer asked me simple questions about the nature of my previous jobs (I seriously had a job title of "Party Expert" haha) and how I applied my leadership skills in organizations in school. My opinion is that a dress suit may be overdone. However, it depends on the where the interview is held and what the interviewer instructs you to do. I was told I could just wear nice casual clothes. I live in Texas, so I wore a skirt and a conservative top.
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    New Grad Nurse Residency Interview

    Here are some typical questions they may ask you: How was your travel to the hospital? Tell me about yourself? When can you start? Give me an example of how you used critical thinking to resolve a patient related problem. Why did you choose nursing as a career? What career goals do you have for the next year? For the next 5 years? Be prepared to be given scenarios that will question your prioritization skills, your genuine concern and empathy for others, or your ability to make others feel valued. Give me an example of when you... Made a decision that was not with the majority Felt it justifiable to bend the policy Had to rebuild trust and confidence with a person after an incident Give me an example of how teamwork helped you accomplish a task. Tell me of a time when you made a mistake in the clinical setting and what you did about it. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? If you had a great idea to help improve the unit or patient care, what would you do about the idea? What type of leadership style do you work best with? Describe the qualities of the manager or supervisor you would work well with? How do you feel about rotating shifts and floating to other units? Where do you see nursing going in the next 5 years? What to ask if before a job offer is made: What is the RN to Patient ratio? What type of orientation can I expect? As a GN, I know I have challenges and hurdles I will have to overcome, could you tell me how you have helped past GN's be successful in their orientation and integration? How are nurses involved in the decision making process for the hospital? What planned changes are expected for the unit within the next year? If the unit is short staffed, what measures are taken to get the extra help? What educational opportunities are available to me after graduation? Am I expected to participate in any committees? If so, how soon? How is shift report given? What type of patient diagnosis or conditions are accepted on the unit? Hope this helps and good luck to you!
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    Places to live near the big 3

    I'm currently in the NCP program. I will not receive orders until after I pass NCLEX, not after graduation.
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    Navy Nurse Canidate program

    I would also clarify with the recruiter that you are going through an RN to BSN program.
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    BSN Student wants to enter the U.S. Navy.

    My parents were RN immigrants from the Philippines. A classmate of theirs wanted to be in the US Navy as a nurse so they went to an accredited University and finished a master's degree r/t nursing and then was able to join. That was over 15 years ago. Not sure what the regulations are today.
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    Staying competitive for Navy Nurse Corps recruitment.

    Hello CynRN11, I will be entering the Navy as a Ensign and a new graduate nurse. I'm guessing you had entered the Navy with prior experience. As a junior officer, what is the scope of leadership for a new GN working with the senior enlisted? From what I have heard, the senior enlisted are highly experienced and operate on a much higher level than their civilian equivalents. How is delegation different when working with the Corpsman? Thank you for your time and any advice.
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    NCP 2012 Class - Duty Locations

    Hello NCP 2012, Where are your 1st duty stations? Anyone going to San Diego?
  19. utamaverick

    8 Jul ODS

    Has the July ODS class filled up? ATT took too long to process; taking the NCLEX in 10 days...thus putting everything on hold.
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    2012 NCP Graduates, any news about ODS?

    Here are the dates for ODS 2012 found on this website: Officer Development School (ODS)[TABLE=width: 547] [TR] [TD]CLASS 12080[/TD] [TD]START: 10 JUN 12[/TD] [TD]END: 13 JUL 12[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]CLASS 12090[/TD] [TD]START: 08 JUL 12[/TD] [TD]END: 10 AUG 12[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]CLASS 12100[/TD] [TD]START: 12 AUG 12[/TD] [TD]END: 14 SEP 12[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]CLASS 12110[/TD] [TD]START: 09 SEP 12[/TD] [TD]END: 12 OCT 12[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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    Navy Nurse

    hello, most of the information can be found here: officer training command, home of navy ocs - ods - program overview 1. training consists of daily pt: [color=#525252]while at ods you will complete three prt's (an in prt, mid prt, and out prt). physical training will include two to three days of strength and conditioning exercises to include, pushups, sit-ups, and various other exercises. students will run three to four days per week. for the first two weeks students will run approximately 1.5 miles each run day. during week three and part of week four students will run approximately three miles each run day. during the remainder of week four and all of week five students will run four miles each run day. 2. i would be prepared to be in good enough shape to do daily cardio workouts and some upper body strength. i was told by my mentor if you are athletic and active, you will be fine at ods. 3. 5 weeks 4. you should receive your orders before ods, you will be given the location of your 1st duty station and move your personal goods before you leave. 5. typically there is one ods session per month: officer development school (ods) 6. at ods there really shouldn't be competition to "vie" for a spot in the nnc because you are already newly commissioned officer before going to ods. ods provides you the training you need to operate as an officer in the navy. this is different from officer candidate school.
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    2012 NCP Graduates, any news about ODS?

    Hey everyone, I just graduated this May and negotiated orders with LCDR Gomez in April. I was told that I would be stationed at my first choice, San Diego. Although I was reading here on the forums that not people are getting that duty station. When talking to LCDR Gomez, did he say that SD was no longer available? I just got my ATT a week ago and will be taking the NCLEX on June 12. Looks like I definitely will not make the June ODS. Till then, I guess I'll be stuck working odd jobs.
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    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    Hello Jmag1213, As an NCP candidate, I consulted with CDR Smith, the registrar for the HPSP program in Bethesda. I told her my interest and strengths that I have working in pediatrics and she told me that the units are difficult to get into because they are fully staffed, and many of the RN's on the pedi units are holding off retirement because of the economy. Good news is, you have time to see how the hiring cycle will be upon your graduation. I was told by my mentor, who started out in an L&D unit (which they called "purgatory") that if there is unit that you want (they wanted ICU), be in communication with your DIVO. Best of luck.
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    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    Hello navyman7, It's been a while, but I wanted to thank you for your advice. I'm currently studying for the NCLEX. I did negotiate my orders with the detailer and I will be stationed in San Diego. I'm unsure of what unit at this point. I'm a single 22 yo female and a new GN. After attending ODS, were GN's trained in their units similar to a nursing internship in the civilian side? Also for housing, the BAH for SD is around $1700. Would you recommend living on base or using the BAH to find a somewhat affordable off-base apartment? Thank you for all of your advice and the time you spend providing mentoring to future Navy nurses.
  25. utamaverick

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    Hello navyman7, I'm currently in the NCP program and set to graduate in May. I've been told not to contact my recruiter until mid-March regarding my orders. I've been getting a lot of questions from family about what my schedule is going to be like after graduation. I graduate on May 12 and want to take the NCLEX as soon as possible. We are given a 30-45 day window to study for and take the NCLEX. Once I pass the NCLEX, I'm guessing there will be a window between that and going to ODS. During this time period, is this when we will be coordinating living arrangements, etc? Sorry for being vague, it just seems very cloudy what happens after graduation and NCLEX. Thanks for your time.

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