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niqu92 has 3 years experience and specializes in Renal/Urology/HIV.

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  1. niqu92

    PhD Applicants Fall 2020

    I submitted my application to Hopkins a few weeks ago I believe we should find out by February for interviews. If you don’t mind me asking what made you decide on the Dual DNP/PhD program as opposed to selecting one over the other ? I know Hopkins is one of the few schools that offers a dual program and I haven’t met anyone who has applied so Im curious to get your take on what led you to choosing that route ! How long is the program ?
  2. niqu92

    PhD Applicants Fall 2020

    It’s great to see that there are some PhD applicants what are you guys thinking of focusing your research on?
  3. niqu92

    PhD Applicants Fall 2020

    Hi everyone, I didn't see any threads for current PhD applicants for the next academic year so I decided to start one so we can encourage each other through the application process Any one else applying? If so where and what is your research focus? I just submitted my applications to Emory, Hopkins, Penn, and University of Miami. I'm finishing up my MSN in December and decided to go straight through with a PhD. Hoping to hear good news come February!
  4. niqu92

    Want to specialize in HIV nursing

    Hi sorry for the late response, but there are literally only 4 schools that offer this- the only 2 I know for sure are Duke and Johns Hopkins..there's one in California that does I think it may be USC but I don't recall the last one. I currently go to Duke
  5. niqu92

    Grady Nurses Salary

    It's probably too late now, but I started working at Grady a few months ago in one of their outpatient clinics and my base pay is $30.15 prior to that I was working at Emory in med-surg and my pay was $25.70. Grady definitely has competitive pay
  6. niqu92


    If you're talking about UMaryland Baltimore then it is an excellent institution. I went there for my BSN so that is all I can really speak about but the professors were top notch and were some of the best in their fields, some of them even wrote questions for the NCLEX. I loved being able to do clinicals at Hopkins which is barely a 10 minute drive and being to network with people at Hopkins as well. UMSON is right next to the school of medicine and school of dentistry (first in the world) so theres a lot of networking that can be done there too. Univ of Maryland Medical Center is right across the street and they have the BEST shock-trauma in the nation. I've had a few friends who chose to work at UMMC instead of Hopkins because of their shock trauma. They also have the Univ of Maryland Institute of Virology which does amazing work with infectious disease and HIV. I believe UMB was the first in the nation to switch from MSN to DNP (I may be wrong about this so don't quote me on it). They are highly ranked and are always among the top 10 for nursing schools nation wide and you can definitely see why as a student there. I can say being a graduate from UMB has enabled me to have many opportunities and the name definetley carried weight. It is a top school so expect the professors to have very high standards..there would be times in class they would say things like "remember you guys are at a top institution" repeatedly. As far as crime there is crime everywhere..baltimore just gets a very bad rep. I had absolutely no issues living in Baltimore, my brother is a med student living in Baltimore and he has had no issues either. I loved my time in Baltimore..of course there are sketchy areas but as long as you avoid those and are street smart then you won't have any problems. It's really all about being street smart that's all. Theres a lot of things to do including a number of great restaurants within the area. I almost went back there for my DNP but the thought of moving across country again was so daunting that I ended up going to Duke instead. If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot me a message
  7. niqu92

    MD to NP

    Have you considered going the PA route? My family isn't from the US, 2 of my family members were MDs in our country and had been practicing for over 15 years and they were amazing physicians..they both decided to move to the US but had a lot of difficulty passing the boards despite multiple attempts so they decided to go to PA school. They have been PA's for about 10 years now in the US and are very successful.
  8. niqu92

    Clinical makes me want to quit

    I was in your position back when I was in nursing school and I absolutely HATED my clinical rotations. I entered nursing with a strict goal in mind- doing public health and HIV/AIDS prevention&treatment and then moving on to be an infectious disease NP in an outpatient setting. I hated acute care and dreaded my med-surg rotations....fast forward 5 years later I've been working as a nurse. I did 2 years in med-surg..still hated it but it helped build me as a nurse and now I work in public health in HIV/AIDS care and am in NP School doing an HIV/ADS specialization. Just like me you came into nursing school with a specific goal in mind. You want to be a midwife so PLEASE keep your eyes on the PRIZE! Sometimes you have to do what you don't want in order to get to where you want to be. These experiences will make you stronger. Keep that in the back of your head while going through your clinicals. You can do this!!!!
  9. niqu92

    Everyone is in NP school !

    When I worked night shift some of my co workers would be taking exams during the shift..while tending to patients. I even remember clearly one of my coworkers in particular who would ask other people for help with her questions and would have her textbook out as well. I'm not sure if the quizzes/exams were timed or proctored (I'm going to assume it wasn't) but I'm just stating what I saw. I have no reason to exaggerate.
  10. niqu92

    Everyone is in NP school !

    The problem is that a majority of the people I know in NP school are doing it because they want to get away from bedside however there are SO many different specialties in nursing that does just that (public health, case management, school nursing, etc). Most of the people I know in NP school go to for-profit schools and are taking their exams at the nurses station while running from room to room attending to patients which is absolutely INSANE to me. I myself am currently in NP school but I have a very unique long-term career goal and I knew years ago in order to achieve that I would have to go back to school. I made sure to only apply to top universities (Hopkins, Duke, Yale, Emory, UPenn) because I knew that in order to get to where I want to be and to have a better chance of making the income I want I would need a strong name to back me up.
  11. niqu92

    Johns Hopkins 2017 DNP - Advanced Practice

    I used to live in Baltimore (I went to university of Maryland) don't be intimidated by the area, when I lived in Baltimore I never had a problem either (I did most of my clinical rotations at Hopkins and never had an issue) Don't let the stereotypes people give Baltimore Get to you. honestly Baltimore is an awesome city with tons of history make sure you check out fells point,fed hill, and the inner harbor those were my favorite spots! And when it comes to food Baltimore will make you fall in love!
  12. niqu92

    Johns Hopkins 2017 DNP - Advanced Practice

    I made the decision a few weeks ago to decline my offer and attend Duke in the fall ...it was such a tough decision and Hopkins still is and will always be my dream school lol but there were so many things I had to consider. I hope by declining someone else can get it!
  13. niqu92

    Best quality DNP education

    I will be attending Duke University's DNP program in the fall, i applied to Duke,Emory,Johns Hopkins,UPenn,and Yale I got accepted into all schools except yale. My friends and coworkers couldn't understand why I was applying to such expensive schools however I truly believe in getting a HIGH quality education..these schools are not easy to get into and they're definetly not easy once you get in. As an NP I want to get the BEST education that I can get so I applied to top 5 schools. I chose Duke because it was the most flexible with my job. If you have any questions regarding the application process for each school feel free to message me!
  14. niqu92

    Duke Fall 2017

    Y'all I have a serious problem I'm up at 3AM CHECKING MY MAIL LIKE A MAD WOMAN ...when I already know I will not have an email from anyone at this time I think I'm going insane lol
  15. niqu92

    Duke Fall 2017

    I called yesterday and they said acceptances will go out until the end of this month..so idk if tomorrow will be the day
  16. niqu92

    Duke Fall 2017

    I'm getting so antsy!!! I've rejected 2 other top schools because Duke is the only one that's flexible being that it's online I don't think I can take the wait much longer lol