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  1. WGU vs Aspen University

    I finished WGU’s RN to BSN program in September, and I liked the program for several reasons: You can work at your own pace. It took me the entire two years because I am a big procrastinator, though depending on your motivation, tenacity, and the tim...
  2. Weighing my options for telehealth triage

    Westieluv, I'm assuming by your profile picture and your username that you have at least one dog. I think I'd like working at home, but I'm afraid I'd be in the middle of a call, and my dogs would look out and see a squirrel and start barking their h...
  3. Any experience with these camps?

    Susan, thanks so much for your input/advice -- I really appreciate it! How old are your girls? Sheila
  4. Any experience with these camps?

    I've not done camp nursing before, so I'm pretty clueless about what I should be looking for in a camp. I have a thirteen year old daughter who's never been to summer camp and I'd like to find a camp that will not only take her, but will provide her ...