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PrettyLady87 specializes in Dialysis.

Graduated 08/06/13 from a 12-month ABSN

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  1. PrettyLady87

    Navel Piercings

    So, although I'm an RN and all...dermatology isn't exactly my area of expertise. My question: Can I clean a navel piercing with the "ExSept" solution? [h=1]ExSept Plus Skin & Wound Cleanser by Angelini Pharma Inc.[/h]ExSept Plus - Skin and Wound ...
  2. PrettyLady87

    NCLEX Study Tips! My story

    My Kaplan course was apart of my tuition, so I do not know how much it costs, but I'm sure you can find out on their website. As for your second attempt: Make sure you've had enough time to grieve from the first attempt; Take time to enjoy the free t...
  3. PrettyLady87

    NCLEX Study Tips! My story

    Glad to help :) Congrats!!
  4. PrettyLady87

    Dialysis Start Time

    You should write a professional article or a book or something in defense of dialysis nursing or specialty nursing in general. I find it terrible with all of these stereotypes and stigmas associated. Maybe the same thing that happened to you will hap...
  5. PrettyLady87

    Dialysis Start Time

    I have been helping these techs as much as I can, I just need to time manage my nursing on top of their duties, because taking off pts, or cleaning and priming the machines have taken away time for documenting and closing charts, even lunchtime/break...
  6. PrettyLady87

    administering medication via fistula needle...

    Do you mean administering it directly into the tubing of the needle? Not actually PUNCTURING the tubing right? In any case, I haven't heard of this practice yet. I know that we're suppose to administer the heparin through the needle tubing if they ge...
  7. PrettyLady87

    Dialysis Start Time

    I work for a small private company (we only have 4 centers in NYC), so they aren't crazy about the overtime, but my NM covers A LOT of stuff...A LOT of stuff Whether or not I get paid the overtime is out of my control, but most of the time when I st...
  8. PrettyLady87

    Too slow for fast pace job?

    I'm going through the same thing except I'm THE NURSE! Most of my CHTs/PCTs/LPNs have been extremely rude to me! I've complained to my nurse manager several times, but she favorites them and one is her step-daughter. The more I pick at them, the more...
  9. PrettyLady87

    Is turning the utrafiltration off ok?

    Even though I'm a new nurse let alone new to dialysis, my manager, charge nurse, and fellow staff RNs have all stressed turning off the UF when the pt is in distress whether it be cramping or low BPs. Why continue stressing the body and heart on pull...
  10. PrettyLady87

    Dialysis Start Time

    I graduated August 2013, and started my first job in dialysis in December 2013 (I truly regret this decision, but bills were priority at the time). Anyway, I am scheduled to work T,Th,S from 5am-9:45pm and I still hate it. I can never go to bed early...
  11. PrettyLady87

    New grad in dialysis

    Ok so the heading to this thread alone might seem disturbing to many of you out there. Yes I am well aware of the consequences I face from jumping into a specialty fresh out of school, but it was a job with an income waiting for me, and I have bills ...
  12. PrettyLady87

    Have you ever lost it with a patient?

    Snotty wealthy woman over the phone who was coming in for a peritoneal dialysis consultation with the PD nurse. She patronized me throughout the entire 5 minutes we spoke. I wanted to choke her when she came into the office!
  13. PrettyLady87

    Help I failed out of a Nursing Program in NY

    Not sure what to advise here. If an online school is your last option, then just do it. I was about to enroll in an online ABSN program because I was down to my last few options and I only applied to two ABSN schools in NJ (where I live). If you w...
  14. PrettyLady87

    Large dose of reality just received!

    I don't have the time or patience to read the whole chapters this week, so I'm just going to read through the key points that are outlined for me. (Since that's probably what I will remember anyway)
  15. I have to agree with Jamaicandol, even though I don't know what it's like to lose a loved one while going through an intense program, I have observed among my peers (including myself) that keeping yourself busy helps to deal with depression and sadne...