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    Nurses that eat their young

    I've been a nurse for a few years and have orientated quite a few nurses. There was one in particular that I trained and she was around my age as well. Within two years she went from floor nurse and worked her way up the ladder to DON. She didn't do anything wrong and I was happy for her. Only difference between us is that I enjoy floor nursing and was not interested in a management position where we were (too much drama) but she on the other hand was willing to experience the ups and downs of management. We had a great co-worker/ professional relationship and she would offer me the chance to be a unit manager frequently; I could tell she thought highly of me. It was just nice to see someone develop into a professional and she didn't forget the little people at the bottom of the ladder. :) This was probably pointless but it doesn't hurt to be nice they may return the favor!