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  1. KaileyJ

    Roll call for LPN students starting in Jan 2012

    I am so excited for everyone!!! I am going to tour Concorde in Arlington, TX on Saturday with my husband. I am working full time right now and am going to attempt the evening and weekend program at Concorde (depending on Saturday's visit.) I live in Stephenville, TX so it will be an hour and a half drive on my school days after I get off work...I am very nervous but reading all of your posts gives me hope! I'm glad there are other people striving to do what they want to do while making their personal lives work as well!
  2. KaileyJ

    wanting to overcome my fears...

    Thank y'all both!! That his given me hope and motivation! I know nursing is something I want to do I just needed to hear someone else says its possible while having a fear or previous fear of needles!
  3. KaileyJ

    wanting to overcome my fears...

    I have always wanted to be in the medical field. I am currently in billing at a medical supply company in Texas and I want to become an LVN. I am going to check out a private program in the metroplex on Saturday but the only thing holding me back is my fear of needles..... It's not so much needles themselves it's the thought of getting my blood taken or getting a shot that really bothers me. Has anyone else gone through the same thing? Is it possible to overcome that fear while in LVN school? Also do you give / get shots and take blood in LVN school? I'm hoping I can get my "mind" over matter and get over the fear....just wondering if anyone could help me out...

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