wanting to overcome my fears...


I have always wanted to be in the medical field. I am currently in billing at a medical supply company in Texas and I want to become an LVN. I am going to check out a private program in the metroplex on Saturday but the only thing holding me back is my fear of needles.....

It's not so much needles themselves it's the thought of getting my blood taken or getting a shot that really bothers me. Has anyone else gone through the same thing? Is it possible to overcome that fear while in LVN school? Also do you give / get shots and take blood in LVN school?

I'm hoping I can get my "mind" over matter and get over the fear....just wondering if anyone could help me out...

Julie19, CNA

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I used to have a HUGE fear of having my blood drawn and getting shots. Anytime I was told that I needed to give blood for labs or whatnot, I would literally become ill. I would shake all over, break out in a sweat, get nauseated, and literally almost be in tears.

When I decided that I was going to work in the medical field and become a nurse, I signed up for a phlebotomy class to overcome my fear. It worked wonders for me. We were a small class of about fifteen and we practiced on each other, getting in about twenty live sticks each over the course of 6 weeks. Don't get me wrong, the first couple of times I was stuck, it was NOT easy. But I got used to it and eventually, I looked forward to class. :p

Don't let your fear of needles hold you back! If your heart is truly into medical/nursing, you'll find a way to overcome your fears. Good luck!


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Ever since I was little, I have had an overwhelming fear of myself getting injections, having blodd drawn, having an iv started......and to add to it, my other big fear was having a male dr!! I had a crippling fear of having male dr's!! I couldn't even handle getting my finger stick for accucheck practice!! I just think about my fear of being "stuck" and am very aware of what my patient is feeling when I have to "stick" someone!! I've been an LPN for 4yrs and have given shots and started iv's and I have to say, I still cringe when I'm the patient, but it has gotten better with time! AND, after working in different settings with different dr's, I have been able to see a male obgyn and a male surgeon--and I survived every visit!! Give it time, it will get easier


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Thank y'all both!! That his given me hope and motivation! I know nursing is something I want to do I just needed to hear someone else says its possible while having a fear or previous fear of needles!


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Hi Kailey:

I started an LPN program 9 months ago, it was always my dream to be a nurse, and I just turned 45 and started to live out my dream. The thing is................I am terrifed of hospitals, I know it's so crazy, but the funny thing is once you are there and doing hands on all of the things you have been taught your fears begin to subside.

My first night of hospital rotations I thought I was going to be sick! My heart was racing and I just wanted to leave but I just kept talking myself through it and to be honest I really enjoy it.

Don't let a fear stop you, you can overcome them I promise!

Good Luck with whatever you decide!