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  1. DreamChaser81

    cna 1 vs cna 2

    hi subincrnatobe in oklahoma we have a cna and aua (advanced unlicensed assistant, comparable to pct) i am assuming that a cna 2 is similar to an aua in my state. i am sure that once you get some experience as a cna 2 you can advance with better pay. just a thought, have you tried home health? that may be an area you may want to look into. good luck to you!
  2. DreamChaser81

    Passed my OK State testing 6/28/12

    Congrats Okiesue I also Passed my state exam in OK on 06/26, Where are you located in OK? Are you planning on LPN or RN next? The written was easy to me as well. It seemed to be mainly common sense, I scored the same score as you actually :) My nerves made the skills seem more difficult in the beginning but once I got passed the jitters I did great. Once again congrats, good luck to you!
  3. DreamChaser81

    Can't find a job as a CNA....

    hi eduardolugo congrats on getting your cna which by the way was not a waste of time. i am not sure what state you live in but finding work is hard for us all. start with the foot work, look in your local yellow pages and call all the nursing facilities listed in your area to inquiry about employment or go a step further and go to the center, introduce yourself to hr and apply. remember that not all companies advertise when they are hiring so it's your job to find them. stay positive with positive thoughts and i know you will find cna work to compliment your steps toward your bsn. keep me posted and again congrats!
  4. DreamChaser81

    Starting clinicals on Wednesday...I'm really nervous!!!

    Don't feel bad, I paid $30 online and it didn't work, luckily my mother had an extra one from LPN school years ago :)
  5. DreamChaser81

    Starting clinicals on Wednesday...I'm really nervous!!!

    Try and relax as much as possible. Remember the basics- Knock before entering a room, greet and introduce yourself. As far as your skills, you are not expected to know them all. I started by making unoccupied beds ,passing and collecting trays noting the input, along with passing water to the residents to get comfortable. Bring a small notepad and pen with you to take notes this helped me alot. Our clinicals were 12 hour shifts and we had the same hall each time so I got to know the residents well. Good luck and the main thing is to relax.
  6. DreamChaser81

    Yay! Passed my CNA/HHA skills/exam on 06/26/2012....

    Thanks for all of the Congrats, I really appreciate that. Sarahejones91, the exam (written) was easy to me, with the actual skills test I can not stress enough to you to practice, practice, practice until you are confident. I watched alot of youtube videos 4yourcna is a good one as well as practiced on my six year old. Master taking blood pressure first if possible. As long as you prepare yourself you will do fine, Keep me posted! :)
  7. DreamChaser81

    Starting CNA

    Congrats on getting started. I just completed my CNA course and skills on June 26. I too am a full-time student taking 18 hours, plus working FT, and a mom of two small children. I did not find the actual CNA book work very difficult at all, the main thing is to practice your skills over and over so you will be confident during your state test. Good luck to you and keep us posted :)
  8. DreamChaser81

    Spokane Valley, Wa AFH Seeking Caregiver!

    Thanks Skayda I do have a question about your general area, I have considered relocating to either Seattle or Portland after nursing school. Have you ever lived in either city, visited often? If so, can you give me some insight on the two as far Good and bad areas, I have two small children so would also want to send them to a good school district, can you suggest any? any info would be great :) Thanks so much in advance, take care!
  9. DreamChaser81

    Spokane Valley, Wa AFH Seeking Caregiver!

    Hey Skayda It sounds like a great position, too bad Im in Oklahoma :) You should try posting this in the WA state forum, you will probably get lots of responses. Good Luck
  10. I am so excited after being nervous about this testing for weeks! Anyother new grads this month or recently? Next step for me is finding a PT CNA/HHA position and starting the LPN program in January, everything seemed to be finally starting to come together. I am so Thankful........... Congrats to all New Grads:)
  11. DreamChaser81

    Any Self-Paced LPN programs NE oklahoma???

    Hi I am looking into finding any self-paced lpn programs in NE oklahoma. I am located in Okmulgee which is about 45 mins. form Tulsa. Can you tell me of any schools that still offer this program? Thanks so much
  12. I am currently going on my 4th week of my CNA training and the training is 7 weeks total. My average grade for all of the written tests and exams is a 98%, however, it seems when I go to perform or practice the skills during lab I forget a step in the procedure or my mind goes blank (brain fog). I know that alot of it is me having anxiety about the "State exam". Has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me I am not the only one..lol...What are some ways to overcome this? How did you memorize all of the skills? Any information would be great. Thanks in advance. :)
  13. DreamChaser81

    Any online CNA skills demo's?

    Hi I am curretly in a CNA program and have just started the skills part of the course, I am wondering if there are any free online sites that demonstrate the skills correctly? I am in Oklahoma if that makes a difference. Thank you so much for your help :)
  14. DreamChaser81

    Hello everyone just introducing myself

    Welcome and Congrats on continuing your Nursing journey. Keep us Posted :)
  15. DreamChaser81

    Recieved a call back...on-call?

    I am currently in a CNA training course but received a call-back from a local home. Can you tell me what to expect if I get the position? Thanks so much...
  16. DreamChaser81

    First day of CNA class......

    Thanks so much Jessicainsantafe for your kind words, The class is great so far and I just recently discovered the 4yourcna site and it is great. Youtube has a great selection as well :) I do plan to continue in Nursing as well. I am currently in my second year of pre-reqs toward the RN program and plan to go straight into the LPN program after my CNA course with the same school. I took phlebotomy and Med-Terms last summer as well. I am just so happy in being able to learn all that I am learning in the steps that I am tking toward a career in Nursing. I was born a nurse at heart and now it is time to combine a career to that. You are so right, we do have lots of people to care for. Keep me posted on your progress and best wishes to you! :)