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April White-Lewis

April White-Lewis ADN, LPN

Memory Care, Assisted Living, LTC

I am am LPN; RN graduate. In the process of taking the RN NCLEX.

New New Nurse
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April White-Lewis has 17 years experience as a ADN, LPN and specializes in Memory Care, Assisted Living, LTC.

🙏🏾Studying for RN NCLEX!

April White-Lewis's Latest Activity

  1. April White-Lewis

    LPNs that work or have worked as DON/ADON?

    Are there any LPNs that currently work as a DON/ADON of a facility? How was your first few months? What are some of your challenges and how did you work them out? Any tips?
  2. April White-Lewis

    LPN to RN schools in Alabama

    You can check the Alabama Board of Nursing - Nursing Programs Troy University is available in Montgomery. Check their site for semester info.
  3. April White-Lewis

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Congrats everyone!! I wish you all the best. I have along time before I get to where you all are. I have to take my prerequisites first. Hoping to start at the Shelby campus in Jan '13. I will be looking for yall help in the future. Let us all know if you guys were chosen.
  4. April White-Lewis

    LPN to RN Mobility central AL

    This message maybe late, but I will be attending Jeff State mobility program soon hopefully. But yes it is still available.
  5. I have decided to go back to school for RN. I have to do the prerequisites first, but I know I have to take this test, so I am preparing for it. If any of you have taken it, would you please share your experience. Thanks
  6. April White-Lewis

    Nightshift nurse worries

    I am also a night shift nurse and I love it, but my only issue is being away from home. I agree with everything everyone before me has said. I plan to work night shift a little longer though. At least until I finished most of my RN courses.
  7. April White-Lewis

    Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

    I've been LPN for only 10 years, but I have recently decided to pursue my RN. I want to venture out and explore other area, but most of those areas are limited for LPNs. Here in Birmingham, AL alot of doors are closing on LPNs. There are more opportunities available for RN. If you are happy with your career as an LPN, by all means don't feel pressured by anyone to take a different path. It has to be your own choice. Be proud of your decision. My decision is to pursue RN.

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