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  1. I am leaving my job and need help with a resignation letter. I am an ER nurse in a hotspot for covid. I don’t feel like I can give my patients the care that they deserve due to being overwhelmed with patients. We have been holding patients in our department, majority of them are ICU patients. Administration is scarce and doesn’t care. We typically have one tech for 30+ patients. Our ratios are usually 1:4-5. That being said, one night I was assigned 5 ICU patients. All of this has also taken a toll on my mental health. My anxiety is through the roof. I spend my days off in bed all day and dread going to work for my scheduled shifts. I would truly appreciate any advice on what to include in my resignation letter. Thank you in advance
  2. brat514

    Last Free Weekend

    We just moved not even a month ago, so I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to get my house organized as much as possible before I start school. Luckily in this house, I have my own study room. I also have an enclosed front porch where I've set up a table. I'm sitting out here now :)

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