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I am leaving my job and need help with a resignation letter. I am an ER nurse in a hotspot for covid. I don’t feel like I can give my patients the care that they deserve due to being overwhelmed with patients. We have been holding patients in our department, majority of them are ICU patients. Administration is scarce and doesn’t care. We typically have one tech for 30+ patients. Our ratios are usually 1:4-5. That being said, one night I was assigned 5 ICU patients.

All of this has also taken a toll on my mental health. My anxiety is through the roof. I spend my days off in bed all day and dread going to work for my scheduled shifts.

I would truly appreciate any advice on what to include in my resignation letter. Thank you in advance


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Check your hospitals termination policy to see if 2 week or 4 week resignation required to be eligible for rehire prior to submitting resignation. Keep letter short and sweet, submit hard copy + email, cc HR department -- requesting read receipt on email as proof they received notice.


Dear Manager:

I am notifying you that my employment at XYZ hospital will end on ___date.

Appreciated the nursing skills learned in the Emergency department, however I desire to persue other nursing opportunities at this time.




Many people are experiencing increased anxiety due to patient surge in COVID hot spots + emotional toll caring for this many acutely ill ICU level care being provided in ER's due to lack ICU beds.

Previously, I've suggested to my staff going through similar experience to contact the facilities Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Nurses need to care for ourselves before we can care for patients.

EAP is helpful to provide debriefing post critical incidents, provide short term counseling + resources to help one with anxiety, link to mental health providers, decide if taking FMLA break would be helpful, help save employee from leaving nursing position prematurely along with myriad of other assistance/info resources to maintain work/life balances. Our EAP even provided assiastnce with child care resources and college scholarship info.

EAP program examples:


Workplace Options:

I'd suggest only after EAP contact, go through with resignation submission if that is in your best interest. Followup to let us know how your doing.

Best Wishes moving forward.

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There is no requirement to include anything about why you are leaving in your resignation letter. Simply say that you are resigning from your current position, effective August XX, 2020. "The last shift I will be available for work with be ...."

I usually include a statement at the end saying something like ... "Thank you for the opportunity to work at ABC Hospital. It has been a great learning experience for me and wish you all the best of luck in the future."

That's it. No need to give any explanations. If asked, just say that things in your personal life are taking you in another direction at this time -- or something like that. Or say that you feel yourself starting to get burned out and need a change. Make something up that you feel comfortable saying and won't hurt anyone's feelings.