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I am a 20 year old and I am married. My husband is in the Army, we are currently stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I am starting my life finally! The plan is to start out as a CNA, to get my foot in the door, and then move up to LPN and then finally RN. I love music, art, books, friendly people, and would hopefully make some good friends here! I am from Florida so living in Kentucky is a huge change.

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  1. MVitiello

    Central Texas College A.D.N program

    I am wanting to enroll in the ADN program at CTC but seeing as this is my first time going to college I have to idea what to expect. I looked at the classes needed each semester and unless I am reading it wrong, I don't need any prerequisites? Or do I and then I have to add the two years onto however long it takes me to accomplish my prereq's? Is there a waiting list? How much does it cost in general? What do I need to have in order to enroll in the ADN program? Is there anyone out that that went through this program and can git me some tips? Or a step by step? Any help would be great! Thank you.
  2. MVitiello


    Well in April I passed the Kentucky certification so I am a CNA!! Anyways I want to continue my education and become an RN. My question is which and how many prerequisites do I need in order to do to associates degree for nursing? I know the ADN obviously will take me two years but I am curious how long it will take me to get to that point. Also, aside from FAFSA and Pell Grants, are there any good grants out there for people wanting to become an RN? I am moving to Texas in October (per the Army) so I have to wait till after we get moved to start everything but I wanted to try and get a head start so I know what I am getting myself into. Thanks!
  3. MVitiello

    Advice/tips needed

    I am about to take my state CNA test here in a few weeks. I am trying to make some simple study notes. Does any one have any tips on the state test? Also does anyone have a run down of washcloths needed for certain skills (bed bath, peri-care, etc.)? I have a study book but it does not go in to detail very much on how many washcloths are needed. For example, in a full bed bath would you need 8 washcloths for the entire procedure? One for face/behind ears/neck, two for hands, arms, underarm, shoulder, three for feet and legs, four for back and buttocks. Then the other four would be used as the rinse rags after each soapy wash. I was told that the peri-care is a separate skill that is tested on so you would only need to verbalize that after you are done cleaning the back and buttocks you would then do the peri-care, so does that mean you need to have/verbalize the washcloths with that as well? Like if it were a male you would need 8 for the bath and 8 for the peri-care. I hope this makes sense, if anyone has any tips or can guide me in the right direction for my notes I would greatly appreciate it.

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