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  1. sassynerd

    ICU new grad, handling an emergency successfully

    Thank you for sharing your story! It helps us as new grads to think like a nurse! Great job!
  2. sassynerd

    Telemetry-how do I prepare!! :/

    Practice ekg strips online. There are many free websites. The more you do them, the more you get confident in interpreting the strips. Find out where your resources are and use them to learn. Get some calipers and start looking at them! Tele alarms will go off all the time and knowing what you're looking at will be crucial. Practice, practice, practice!
  3. sassynerd

    Please help with any tips for a new grad struggling

    It's a step down unit and that's what the policy is. These are patients coming from ICU who are not stable enough for the floor. I agree that I could delegate this but it just seems like we don't have enough aides to help everyone. So if I don't do it, the patients breakfast gets delayed. I do see that I could chart when I'm in there. I don't think our CNAs document I&Os for some reason. Seems to be the norm here. I just make sure I do it each time I do my VS.
  4. Hi all! I'm a new grad RN working in an Telemetry unit in a level 1 trauma hospital. I started in my residency 2 months ago and will be off orientation in 2 months for 4 total months. I am struggling a little. Here are some things I seem to struggle with and if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears. 1. I just can't seem to see the big picture. I know why my patient is there but at times these patients are transferred to us from ICU and have had an extensive history of events from surgery, OR, and I don't even understand half the things they did to the patient in surgical ICU. I look things up when I leave and go home to try to study what I learned but I wish I had time to look it up during work but I can't because I have so many tasks to complete immediately once i start. This makes me feel lost and don't really understand why the patient is there. So when I give report, I sound dumb. 2. When I do give report, there's a few newer nurses ( been there for 1 year or less) that roll their eyes at me or ask me questions with an attitude. They give me the feeling that they think I suck at giving report and so they just hurry me through it and say yep yep anything else? And leave it at that. One of these same nurses gave me report once and was talking a mile a minute I couldn't even write anything down, she just went so fast and didn't care that I was new. This has created some anxiety in me when I give report and I just want to do a good job. There are days I feel I have a good grasp and give a good report of all the events my patient had, and then days I feel like I sound so dumb and slow. 3. I just seem lost on some days. I'm supposed to do assessments q4, neuro checks q2 for stroke pts, VS q2, I&Os q2, etc. On a good day, I'll get each thing checked off and done and documented. But on a day where I'm in a patient room for over 45mins helping the aide with a bed bath, or feeding the pt. due to dysphagia, or any other task, I get super behind. Then I've missed my q2 hr VS or neuro check or documenting I&Os or shift assessment documenting or meds are late. We don't have enough aides to help everyone so most times I just pitch in. How do you get it all done? 4. My preceptor is a very laid back person, a bit passive, very nice. I have seen some newer nurses talk down to her like when giving report, "why wasn't this done?" Or picking things about their history and quizzing us on PMH. That's when I feel dumb because I don't know why the patient had the abdominal washout post ex lap. This happened 2 weeks ago and I didn't look back that far in the H&P. Should I be? My preceptor helps me by doing the things I miss but problem is I'm still missing a lot of things when I'm by myself. In 2 months, I won't have that luxury. How can I organize myself better? I've used a brain sheet from this site and it helps a bit. Why can't i get organized and complete everything? I feel so behind some days. Does this just get better with time or is it me? I am open to constructive criticism to improve myself so any comments would be great! Thank you!
  5. sassynerd

    Nursing Interviews: Basic Post-Interview Etiquette

    This post has been great! Many tips and insight! One question I have is I interviewed for a 10 person panel consisting of HR, nurse managers, staff nurses, educators and directors. Is it appropriate to send each of them a thank you email that is the same message? Or should I write something different for all 10? I am choosing the email route because with so many people, I think it can quickly get to them and remind them of my interest. Any need to follow that up with a thank you card as well for each person? Is that overkill? Also, it may be hard to track down the staff nurses. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  6. sassynerd

    Brian Short News

    My sincere condolences to all those impacted in relation to Brian Short and his family. This is so tragic and I am saddened to hear of this news. I have come to this community time and time again for guidance, support, and laughter and this was all made possible by the founder Mr. Brian Short. Thank you for creating Allnurses.com. May you and your family rest in peace.
  7. Hi everyone, I got two job offers and need some advice of what to pick for a new grad nurse job. This will be my first nursing job! Job # 1 is to work as a clinical abstractor for 6 months as a temporary position to help integrate a new EMR system for a big city well-known hospital. It is a 9-5 office job in front of a computer, no clinical skills, just analyzing data and inputting it from an old EMR system to the new one. No guarantee of a nurse position after 6 month assignment. Potential to meet nurse managers from the units I have interest and go from there. This is a big city well known hospital with level 1 trauma center. I am encouraged to apply as an internal candidate during my 6 months and go from there. Job #2 is a local nursing home. Looking to hire new grad nurse and has 6 week orientation plus class days to learn about the nursing aspect. (2-3 days). It is for the 11-7 shift and must sign 2 year contract to work there. Whether i work full or part time; I must complete 2,080 hours/1 year. So if I work less than 40, contract is longer. Penalty of leaving in first year is $3,000. Lots of hands on clinic experience and I would learn the basics of nursing. My long term goal is to one day work as an ED nurse, critical care, or pediatrics critical care and maybe eventually nurse practitioner. What would you choose as a new grad and why? Thank you for anyone who responds!
  8. sassynerd

    Question for interviewers

    Congrats to you!
  9. sassynerd

    Fishing for a baby vein?

    Unfortunately, we don't have that though I learned about them in school.
  10. sassynerd

    Fishing for a baby vein?

    Yes, they seem to palpate and feel for the vein, mark it and then go for it. Unfortunately, when there is not flash of blood, they start to move it, in and out, back and forth, like fishing for it. I am just thinking, this baby is crying, scared and in pain. I just wonder if that's how you are supposed to go about it.
  11. sassynerd

    Fishing for a baby vein?

    I've been working at a pedi clinic and have seen the people there fish for the baby (6mos-18mos) veins. In school we learned not to do that on veins. Is this one of those real world vs. book world where this is widely acceptable? What is the standard practice? And if no fishing is allowed, what tips do you have for a new nurse in pedi? (I've only watched, but I'm really nervous about my first time.)
  12. Thank you all for the advice! I have been browsing the interview tab and that has been helpful in preparing myself for interview questions. *Update on this is the recruiter has reached out and asked me to give her a time/date that we can set up to talk on the phone stating this call is to "review the requirements and interview process for newly licensed RN’s." She does not go into further details about me not having my BSN but she did note that she received my resume so I'm thinking she is aware of this. If she didn't want to take this any further, she would probably say so right to not waste each other's time? Does this sound like a phone interview to you guys? Thank you.
  13. sassynerd

    A Word to New Nurses

    Thank you so much for this! I will keep this in mind when I find my first RN job! It would be awesome to have you as a preceptor! Though the world is small!
  14. Hi everyone, Long story short, I applied to a hospital that requires you to have a BSN to apply. I have my ADN. I networked and a physician recommended my name to this hospital to get a RN job. I have been in touch with someone and they turned me down and said although I sound like a great candidate, I must have a BSN in order to apply. Well, I didn't give up. I wrote back and asked if they ever made an exception for an ADN RN contingent on the fact that I would get my BSN immediately upon hire as my education is self-funded. No job, no money to pay for school. It's a vicious cycle. I persisted and told them I would still try to apply. A turn of luck and now I got an email saying the HR recruiter would now actually like to meet with me and will contact me to set up a time. I thought all was lost but I asked and it seems they might actually make that exception? Has this ever happened to anyone else before where they say it's BSN required but given the right person, they would make the exception? Or perhaps I would sign a contract stating I will get my BSN in X amount of time to meet their organizational requirements? Lastly, any tips or advice on how not to blow this meeting? I want to impress the socks off this recruiter! Thank you to any responses!
  15. sassynerd

    1st job as new grad RN at Alzheimer's unit

    Thank you for your insightful response! Unfortunately, I didnt get the job but I will keep these in mind re: Alzheimer's patients! They certainly sound like a misunderstood and interesting bunch of human beings I'd love to help!
  16. Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice on a possible job offer to a Alzheimer's nursing home. I am told that the entire facility is catered towards those with Alzheimer's disease and there are different levels for it. Is this a suitable environment for a new grad because it is so specialized? Can anyone give some advice on how it would be working in such a place? Is it true that the patients are often violent because they get so confused? Eventually, I would want to work in acute care as my dream job. Would working in Alzheimer's unit train me as a new grad nurse to learn acute disease processes? I am afraid that I will be limited to only one time of patient population. Any advice would be truly appreciated! Thank you!