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  1. Does it matter as long as you have your license? Any branch that would automatically DQ me for a school of choice like this?
  2. BOSS man

    I feel like I'm too old for this

  3. BOSS man

    Certain States do not Accept Excelsior?

    They updated their website I think, but from the looks of it California is the only state that won't accept you at all unless you graduated before 2003 I believe. Note* I have never contacted the school and never went but this what I can tell from their site. Alot will just accept it but some require you to have a few hundred hours in your state where you get licensed up to having 2 years full time in your current state. Some require preceptorships but surely note impossible.
  4. BOSS man

    Which classes should i take at CC if I want to be a CRNA?

    Still young. Currently at ecpi lpn program but no classes I'm taking I think will transfer and I really hate working and going to school in person. When im done with the LPN program, I plan to work full time all the way through bsn and getting experience to save for CRNA school, because I don't plan to work then. Online is fine by me. So basically just take all lab required classes at a CC? I think I will do that before starting the program so I can go straight through. That's what I figured. What about English do you think it will be a problem transferring it from excelsior?
  5. I know nursing classes rarely transfer schools, that's not what I'm worried about... I plan to after finishing my lpn school get my adn and bsn through excelsior, going on to get my CRNA. To be safe what pre reqs do you think are mandatory to take at a CC for better acceptance into CRNA schools (ie, which math science, English classes)? Also, do you think humanities and fine arts will transfer from excelsior? Any help is appreciated. I am trying to get a long term plan together.
  6. My payments will be around $600/month, for 10 years, if I choose the route I'm taking. I'm in NC where starting pay is usually around $24. If I happen to have at least one kid in the future, do you think it would be considerable hard to pay off this debt and a lot of stress? Or would you guys find this manageable and wouldn't hurt much?
  7. At ECPI, do the evening classes finish at the same time as day classes or is it a lot longer to finish? When you have school at nights do you have clinical/school Saturday and Sunday, or 1day/weekend?
  8. BOSS man

    Excelsior LPN to ADN program length?

    Did you take the GenEd credits there too?
  9. How quickly can you really finish the lpn to adn program? I see some people posting around a year maybe less.. Is the year including the wait time for clinicals at the end?
  10. BOSS man

    12 hour shift question

    How closely are your 12 hour shifts usually? Do people usually do 3 straight 12s and call it a week? I'm planning to be a new RN in the future and trying to figure out how my life working nights may be, as far as sleep, family, social life.