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  1. KSGMaine

    Your 1st Year as a Nurse: Advice & Tips

    Thanks Zen.....working full-time isn't new to me as I am 40+ years old, this is a second career for me, so that isn't the issue, just not sure about the demands of being a floor nurse. I too am finding myself having to talk myself into going in, which to me is a bad sign if I feel that way already! Hey floor nursing isn't for everyone, there are many paths one can take as a nurse, which is the good thing! I have been offered a 9-5 Mon-Fri nursing job in speciality physician office which I am seriously considering. I'll see how working days goes starting next week I guess. Thanks again and good luck to you!
  2. KSGMaine

    Your 1st Year as a Nurse: Advice & Tips

    How do you know if floor nursing is right for you? I am into my 3rd month and my 3rd week on my own. I am currently working the night shift and to be honest I am overwhelmed. I go in with good intentions and then all hell seems to break loose, 4 patients to start, no CNA, a new admission coming, patient assessments, meds need to be done, picking up another patient at 11p, etc. - I get frazzeled and start wondering if floor nursing is for me.....Usually, by 1 or 2a I can actually sit and start doing my charting and read up on my patients......Also, beginning on Feb. 13th I'll be changing to day/night shift and am nervous, if I can't handle the night activity how WILL I ever handled all that goes on during the day??? So, is it too soon to throw in the towel, any advice? Thanks