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  1. LVNBSN2

    rn to bsn programs a scam...

    Wow, good for you!! Are you totally stressed by the classes you are taking? Or are they not as bad as you once thought?
  2. LVNBSN2

    rn to bsn programs a scam...

    Yes, very true!
  3. LVNBSN2

    rn to bsn programs a scam...

    Well, shoot, I totally got screwed, LOL! My LPN-BSN is 120 credit hours and I transferred in with a little over half of the 120!
  4. LVNBSN2

    Lpn to bsn advice please!

    Yep, local schools are EXTREMELY hard to get into. If you have a 4.0 GPA you may not get in. And many are steering away from waitlists (not all) and going to a lottery system.
  5. Take an NCLEX review course. Kaplan has one, I think. It is expensive from what I hear, but it's worth a shot. Take a course in relaxation and use those tecqniques when you sit for the boards next time.
  6. LVNBSN2

    rn to bsn programs a scam...

    Oh, Ok I gotcha. I am curious, though, why do they have LPN's with the RN's? Seems like the LPN-BSN and the RN-BSN should be separate. That's weird they'd combine classes like that. I am not taking any of my BSN classes with any RN's. Weird. But when the RN's finish, they won't have to take boards over, they'll just have the degree.
  7. LVNBSN2

    rn to bsn programs a scam...

    No, the LPN's have their own NCLEX to take. Their are 2 different ones, NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN. Why do your RN classes not count for some of the BSN classes? Some of your gen ed classes have to be taken withing a certain amount of time to count. There are a lot of RN-BSN programs available. Also check with the school you are interested in and see about taking the CLEP exam for credit instead of the whole class over again. And check to see (did you go to a CC?) If so, why won't your classes transfer from your local CC to your local university? If you need to, ask the dean to write a letter saying your credits are equal to wherever you are going. I had to do that with one of my courses and had no problems after the letter from the dean.
  8. LVNBSN2

    PSA Healthcare

    Which did you take? I have an interview with PSA on Wednesday.
  9. I am hoping I can just find a job. We may move back to the Bay Area. Want to go directly into the MSN program at UoP. That's the plan, Stan!
  10. That sounds funny, but, don't let her take away your dream. I have been an LPN for 6 years and made $20/hr in LTC, $25 at my staffing agency. It isn't all about the money. You won't get rich, but you will live comfortably. And, right now, that's all anyone can ask for.
  11. LVNBSN2

    Looking for work, but all I see is jobs for RNs ???

    I don't think they are "phasing out" LPN's, but it is getting harder for LPN's (AND RN's) to even get a job, especially with no experience. Get your RN if you can, and BSN if you can absolutely! I think they need to get rid of LPN programs for good because it's gonna cause a lot of people grief in the long run because the jobs for LPN's are just not out there.
  12. Are Delaware and NY part of a compact state? Since you are going to school in Del, you should test in Del, and then apply for endorsement in NY. Check on both BON sites and see what they require. I went to school in CA and got my CA license and transferred it to my home state now without any problems. You just give NY your Del license info and pay their fee and no problem.
  13. LVNBSN2

    Associate, BSN, or Masters

    I agree. Your GPA is too low. You need at least a 3.5.....and most 4 year schools are so competitive, you many not even get in with a 4.0.
  14. LVNBSN2

    midwives and delivery

    I had a midwife deliver my firstborn in a Kaiser hospital. No difference except like the other poster said, there is always a MD on the floor.
  15. Don't take it personally if a mom says she doesn't want a male student. Try to learn as much as you can. I wish I can fast forward to my 5 week M/B rotation!! Good Luck!
  16. LVNBSN2

    2year RN vs BSN

    Save yourself time and trouble and get the BSN.

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