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Time4dilaudidyet has 6 years experience and specializes in Ortho, Neuro, Spine, M/S.

Former A&P and Tech Rep in the Defense industry...

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  1. Time4dilaudidyet

    Looking for hospitals in Clearwater area.

    Check into any of the Baycare associated hospitals(Mease Dunedin, Mease Countryside, Morton Plant in downtown Clearwater.) There are a few HCA associated hospitals in the area as well....RUN FROM THEM AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE ! Good luck on your job search, Clearwater is a great place to live.....
  2. Time4dilaudidyet

    Transition to Nursing Home

    BTW, good luck on your NCLEX.
  3. Time4dilaudidyet

    Transition to Nursing Home

    Wow! I have some serious soul searching to do. I have an interview with Sable Palms Monday. Based on your experience, do you have any advice on what type of questions I should ask of them to help me make an informed decision as to whether or not to accept a position there.
  4. Time4dilaudidyet

    Transition to Nursing Home

    I'm a little concerned with reports of RNs getting a 20-25 patient assignment every night. How does 1 RN accomplish all the required duties of patient care, (charting, assessments, med passes, dsg changes, etc.) without risking his/hers license every night? Just asking, I'm unfamiliar with this area of patient care.
  5. Time4dilaudidyet

    Transition to Nursing Home

    I really like getting to know my patients. Starting with an 8 patient assignment every night, mostly high acuity, Im not afforded the luxury of really getting to any of my patients. I was told by an LPN on my floor that worked at a SNF, that I would have more of an opportunity to know my patients.
  6. Time4dilaudidyet

    Transition to Nursing Home

    I've received 2 job offers in the past 48hrs from nursing homes. I've been working as an RN on a very busy Med/Surg-Ortho-Neuro-Spine unit for almost 5 yrs. I'm looking for some pros and cons of this move from those of you with experience in this environment. Thanks for your reply....
  7. Time4dilaudidyet

    Reporting med errors...

    Nope, not new. I've been an RN going on 5 yrs. I appreciate the responses, but still haven't received an answer to my question?
  8. Time4dilaudidyet

    Patient Complaint

    At the hospital I work, it's all about the Press Gainey scores, nurses are guilty til proven innocent. These type patients can cost you your job.....
  9. Time4dilaudidyet

    Reporting med errors...

    So I commited my first med error, I feel horrible and own up to it. I pushed glucagon via IV instead of IM into a hypoglycemic patient. This error did not result in any adverse reactions to the patient. I reported this incident to my charge nurse and filed an incident report with risk management. As a result of this incident, I've been informed by my nurse mgr that I may be terminated and should know something by this Monday. So, Im curious, how many of you nurses out there would fess up and report a med error if it meant possibly losing your job?
  10. Time4dilaudidyet

    Bedside Reporting starting Monday :(((

    I work for a large healthcare provider in the clearwater florida area, we've been doing bedside reporting for the last few months. Our hospital told us exactly what to say it to the patients when introducing them to the oncoming nurse. For example, "Hello Ms. Smith, this is Sherry, she will be your new nurse today and will be providing excellent patient care for you today." And after bedside report is finished, you must say, "Ms. Smith, thank you for allowing me to care for you last night." You may think I'm kidding, but I'm being very serious about this. To top that off, there are patient care leaders that stand outside the door listening to your report, and will scold you for not following the "script". Our Press Ganey scores are high, the highest of all the hospitals in our company. A previous poster is correct, its all about those Press Ganey scores.....

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