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  1. virgo7598

    Books for trauma nurses?

    I just started a job on a trauma unit at a level 1 trauma center (not ICU/ED) after working for 2 years as a med/surg nurse. I would love to brush up on skills and learn some more about the types of patients a trauma nurse would get. Does anyone have any recommendations for books/pocket guides that I could study? Thanks!
  2. virgo7598

    Did l make the wrong choice?

    OP: I just took a job at a level 1 trauma center. Do you have any good books/pocket guides/resources that might help my transition from Med/Surg to Trauma a little easier?
  3. virgo7598

    Books for trauma nurses?

    I just got a job on a trauma unit at a level 1 trauma center (not ICU/ED) after spending the first 2 years of my nursing career in Med/Surg. Anyway I'm rather overwhelmed after shadowing on the unit for a day so I'm trying to freshen up my skills/education. Anyone know of any good trauma pocket guides or books? Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. I've been a Med/Surg nurse for a little over a year now. I thought by now I'd have figured out what speciality I'd like to go into but I still have no idea. Does anyone have any tips/research they did that helped them pick what they'd like to do? Thanks!
  5. virgo7598

    New RN making mistakes?

    I'm a new RN. Just graduated in May and started my first job on a med/surg floor in July. I have been off orientation for a little over 3 months and jeez I feel like I'm getting called into the managers office because of a mistake I made all the time. In reality, it was 3 times but still, it feels like a lot. These mistakes didnt harm the patients but they are still things I missed and I am feeling discouraged and stressed out. For example, one was because I missed a wound on a patient (several nurses missed it), another was because I hadn't documented a PCA correctly. I could use some encouragement. Did this happen to anyone else when they were a new graduate RN?
  6. virgo7598

    Kaplan and UWorld

    I have both Kaplan and UWorld. I have been alternating using both but have found that my scores differ between the 2. For Kaplan, I am doing the Q-Trainers and Q-Bank questions and am getting mid 40's to mid 50's. For UWorld (which I like WAY better), I am getting low to upper 50's. My test is scheduled for Wednesday and I am FREAKING out. Did anyone else have a similar experience and pass the NCLEX?
  7. virgo7598

    Anyone else starting July 1?

    Thanks for the reply! The current program I'm admitted in for RN-BSN has me taking only BSN nursing classes as I was able to transfer and appeal all the remaining classes. I hope WGU does the same.
  8. virgo7598

    Anyone else starting July 1?

    Would someone mind explaining the admission process? I am currently admitted to an online RN-BSN program that will take me 1.5 years with a Sep start date, but the length of time you can finish at WGU is definitely appealing! I'm just concerned about transferring my classes from when I graduated with my Bachelor's in 2010. Can my transcripts be reviewed prior to applying for admission to the college? The enrollment counselor hasn't responded to my e-mail yet so allnurses.com is the next best thing!
  9. virgo7598

    Discouraged from Kaplan scores

    I've been using Saunders and am contemplating buying UWorld as well. I like their rationales. I just took another practice Q-Bank test and got a 59% on it last night...so I'm not sure what's going on lol...I think I just need to practice more.
  10. virgo7598

    Discouraged from Kaplan scores

    I just took the Kaplan course 2 weeks ago and am scheduled to take my NCLEX last week of June. I've been taking q-bank tests and have been consistently getting 45%-55%. I am feeling SO discouraged and don't feel confident at ALL. Has anyone passed their boards with Kaplan scores like this?
  11. I JUST signed up for the Kaplan NCLEX classroom prep class so hearing that you liked the class is reassuring! I'm graduating this semester but I feel like I know nothing Congratulations!
  12. A bunch of my classmates, myself included, got this clipfolio from Target for clinicals. Its got a removable slip for legal pads inside, a folder area,and has a clipboad on front. Its made of sturdy material that you can wipe down at the end of your clinical day. Plus, they are only $8-$10! Greenroom Clipfolio : Target
  13. I just got my clinical assignments for my last semester of school. I got maternity (yay!) and orthopedics (ugh). I requested maternity so I'm happy with that, but out of the other departments (trauma, surgery, neurology), orthopedics is the one I would have chosen LAST. So, can anyone give me some insight as to what your orthopedic clinical was like? Will it be similar to a TCU? Were you able to learn a lot?
  14. virgo7598

    How do I cite a drug card from ATI.com?

    Sorry, should have added how I thought it should be cited to the post. Assessment Technologies Institute. (2015). Pharmacology made easy 3.0. Retrieved from (I would put the ATI web address here)
  15. virgo7598

    Starting school, working mother

    North Hennepin has an evening/weekend option for the nursing program. Its a part of the MANE system. So if you get into NHCC's nursing program, you're automatically admitted to Metro State to continue on to get your BSN. If you go straight through, you can complete the BSN in 3 years. Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education | Dedicated to Increasing Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses in Minnesota
  16. I'm writing a pharm paper and need to cite the drug card I downloaded from ATI while in a module. Anyone know how to correctly cite that in APA? Thanks!

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