BSN was a waste

BSN was a waste

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  1. New Grad Blues

    I would not invest 1 more dime on this useless BSN. Need to know when to fold. Jobs see 800+ applicants for 20 jobs. Do you really want to invest 2.5 more years and $$$ with those odds? I wouldn't.
  2. When do I need to start applying?

    What you should have done (unless you did) was applied to a hospital before you even got into a nursing program to establish yourself and get priority. The odds of getting a job right now for a new grad are slim. The market is way oversaturated.
  3. How is job market NOW for Registered Nurses?

    All of California. Job market is IMPOSSIBLE. Everyone should avoid nursing as the odds of getting a job are stacked way against you. Better speak 2 languages, have CNA experience and have family in the hospital you want to work. Also helps if you lik...
  4. Frustrated New Grad RN, HELP!

    I graduated May 2010 with my BSN. It was all for nothing. Unless you are bilingual and have some hospital experience your chances of being hired are 0%. Better start of plan B. The further out you get from your preceptorship the less chances you have...
  5. What are the chances of new BSN graduates getting a job?

    In California you have about a 15-20% chance of being hired. 80% of my class never got hired and are now stale grads.