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  1. tiaranny

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    thank you so much. I understand everything you said. :) This won't happen again. I mean, interviewing in the internet.
  2. tiaranny

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    My original title was changed by the admin. Sorry about that . Actually, this is a week-long homework. The instruction to us is to interview nurses in some hospitals. We interviewed nurses personally but a number of them refused because they were too busy for their shift. As a result, we had 4 nurses who whole-heartedly helped us. That's why I joined this forum to gather information to nurses here because this is my last and only chance. But it turned out to be the way I didn't expect ever. Sorry to disappoint you guys. I understood what you were pointing out. To clear your minds, it's not that I'm being defensive all of a sudden, I am not a procrastinator and will never be because I know time management. I was just hoping. Anyways, this will be my first and last attempt. Thanks anyway. I'm back to square one. Ahm, for those who defended my side, thanks so much. I appreciate your effort. :)
  3. To all nurses here, I have few questions to ask. Research project is due Friday. That's November 18, 2011. Question #1: Do you research about new nursing interventions and remedies? (like new trends) Q#2: If yes, what kind of procedures? If no, why and what are the hindrances why you don't read articles? Q#3: Do you apply what you have learned to the hospital setting? Q#4: Do you share what you have read to your co-nurses? Do you inform and educate your clients regarding the procedures for continuity of care? Please help me... I badly needed your responses. Please...