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  1. I'm super excited that Bryant & Stratton College is starting an RN to BSN program in 2015 and it's just one night a week on campus. I earned my associate's degree from Bryant & Stratton and was very happy with the program. Has any current RN...
  2. I'm super happy the Bryant & Stratton College in Wauwatosa, WI is now offering an RN to BSN program!
  3. Herzing University Brookfield

    This is true. I'm a BSC grad with the Associate's degree but there have been rumors of adding the BSN in 2012 and I just heard the Educational Approval Board approved Bryant & Stratton College to offer the BSN. I don't know when they will announc...
  4. Herzing University Brookfield

    Samantha, Check out Bryant & Stratton College in Wauwatosa too. They are similar, similar price and have a very strong Nursing program, accredited and have been doing it for a while. They have one of the highest first-time NCLEX pass rates in th...