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  1. KC

    True ER stories

    There was a junior rodeo in a town not far away and our ED had been getting injured cowboys all morning. One little bullrider had been injured while riding and he singlemindedly kept asking his grandmother how long he had been on the bull. After aw...
  2. KC

    Student's nurse fears.

    Nursing is a blend of science and caring. No one can teach you caring, you have this from your heart. But Science can be learned. Since Science isn't just one thing, rather it's a collection of things that we have observed. And WoW! what a big co...
  3. KC

    Student's nurse fears.

    I'm smiling very big when I type this. It 'all comes together' about the time that you start having "Nursing" dreams. My nursing dreams were about getting to work and finding I didn't have to work short staffed that night. I also dreamed about endle...
  4. KC

    teaching guides

    I have also been looking for teaching guides. I haven't found a single source yet. Maybe we should do it here? Do you have a good list of nursing websites? I have been collecting nursing related websites for a year or so and a teaching guide can al...
  5. Your first day on the floor can be scary. Here are some tips that I've found to help, and I hope others can share some too. 1. Be Friendly. Smile. 2. Be Helpful. Offer assistance. 3. Ask questions. If you are asked to do something for the first ti...