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zhapper2002 has 5 years experience and specializes in Emergency Nursing, Trauma, Wound Care.

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  1. Quick Update, it's been more than 6 months and so far I am loving the ED. Amazing teamwork, everyone's ready for anything all the time. I always anticipate everything and anything - which I learned being an ER. It may get stressful at times but I am loving the organized chaos.
  2. zhapper2002

    Taking a paycut for experience?

    Is this hospital in Alameda County? I am from the Bay too and I worked in H Hospital in the said county. If it is in that hospital the stress level is up to outerspace. However, that was a huge paycheck cut, but of you'll think about the rate and benefits it's good to stay. But if you have goals, it might be a good try. You already have your 3 yrs experience and nobody can take that away from you. I wish K Hospital do train their nurses to go to special areas but I doubt it. I hate it when they get more travel nurses than the locals. But I wish you good luck! Hoping you rethink your current positon. :)
  3. zhapper2002

    Fired for Falsifying Documents. What to expect

    I felt like that was too harsh but everyone learn from their mistakes. I've seen nurses doing bunch of mistakes and I always tell them not to do it again. Before giving anything, check your meds even for a gazillion times. However, here in my state, we don't count Gabapentin and we know Tylenol is OTC. However, since you mentioned you reported somebody who committed an error in your workplace, do you think, these people are after you? I felt like in every work place, you have to play their own politics because if ***** happen or anything happens, you have somebody who can help you. I remember when I was working in Long Term Care several years ago, I've seen nurses forget a med cup inside a cart with pills in it, I would always tell them if that is still within the window period - to still give it, if not, I ask them to write themselves up for med error. It's a learning process, to me, my goal is to keep my patients safe and no harm is done. Cheer up! You will learn your way and for sure you won't do it again. Everyone has their rough start, be sure to always think that somebody is watching you so you'll be reminded of that tasks and things to do! Hope everything's gonna be okay. And when doing medication administration, do it/give it before signing it! It will save you from everything. Trust me.
  4. Thank you for your time in responding to my query! I appreciate it. That's what I notice about ER Nurses, they have a different humor but it's cool with me though. They have a cool vibe. I am preparing for my start date and I will for sure update this thread once I start. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you for your time and for a very detailed tips and response! I appreciate it! I will keep this as my reminder and guide too when I start orienting. It's good to hear from fellow nurses who are willing to share and empower nurses who are cross training from being a floor nurse up to becoming ED nurses. I admire the intention to help and to give a picture of what to expect and what to do in the ED setting. I can see how crucial time management and anticipating needs and thinking 10 steps ahead when it comes to Emergency Nursing. Again, thanks for the tips! :)
  6. Thank you so much for your very opinionated response and for generalizing floor nurses. I really enjoyed eating my popcorn while chitchatting in the nurses station, sipping my freshly brewed coffee, ignoring the call lights and waiting for my time to clock out. I actually could've finished my online shopping too! Oh I'll probably do a Netflix marathon next time I come back for my shift. Need I say more? How I wish! I work in one of the busiest County/Level I Trauma Hospitals in the Bay Area and in my 2 years working on the floor, I barely sit and I can't even remember that I ever look "lazy". Not even a bathroom break! Even my charge nurses are jumping into action! I probably look wasted and defeated after 12 hours of dealing with hella stuff! I am the maintenance. I am the IT expert. I am the janitor. I am the kitchen person. I am the MSW. I am the counselor. I am everything! Sometimes I even forget if I am a nurse tho. I am happy to invite you to see our hospital and tell me if floor nurses are just sitting and appear lazy.
  7. Thanks for the response! I agree with you, I felt like I am stressing myself out too much. But I will for sure check on that book and have it as my go to reference. I will just probably relax and get ready for the action! Will let you know once I start my orientation. It is going to be a roller coaster ride for sure!
  8. Hey my fellow nurse brothers and sisters! I am an RN for 2 years now working on a MedSurg Trauma Floor and now I accepted a new position as an ED Nurse. I used to work as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse for 2 years in an acute setting as well. I know Emergency Nursing is fast paced, busy and stressful and you gotta be a detective to know what is wrong and what is happening to your patient. Also to know and differentiate who is sick and who isn't. I know I had a little over 2 years of experience, but seriously, it still gives me the anxiety of knowing that I am leaving out of my comfort zone (as a MedSurg nurse), but I really wanted to pursue Emergency Nursing ever since. I just want to ask my fellow nurses out there who are experienced in Emergency Nursing, what do I expect once I started my training? What patient conditions do you mostly recommend on reviewing (e.g stroke, sepsis, MI etc)? Dealing with code blues? What do I need to know or what are ER nurses doing everyday differently compared to MedSurg nurses? I am just literally nervous and excited at the same time. Thanks in advance for any help that you can possibly extend! -zhapper2002
  9. zhapper2002

    transitioning to Med-surg-HELP

    First of all, Congratulations! I myself was in the same boat almost 2 years ago, however I started in a Skilled Nursing Facility then I became a Psych nurse in an acute care setting before I transferred to Med-Surg. In my own experience, it is important to study the protocols per facility. I suggest review Blood transfusion, PCA, PICCs and other central lines, Sepsis monitoring/ SIRS criteria as you monitor pt for sepsis daily. What kind of MedSurg Unit are you in? Mine is a bit different because I work in a MedSurg Trauma Unit so we basically cover neurosurgery pts, ortho, plus we have OBGYN pts. When it comes to pt diagnoses I would review DM, CHF, and the usual surgery cases such as appendectomy, ex lap, cholecystectomy et. al. You'll do head to toe assessment at leaat q 4hrs. Don't be too scared for sure you'll do great! Renal patients, that's your expertise! Expect wound care as well. If you need any help, or any questions, feel free to message me! - zhapper2002, BSN,RN,WCC
  10. Hi! john_ortillo, wow it's been a long time since I posted here. I just got accepted in a hospital and I thought of viewing the threads here where I started and I told myself to share what I've been through once I get my first RN staff nurse job here in CA. Yes, I am now a Registered Nurse here in California and been practicing for almost half a year. I have been an LVN for 4 years before I got this license update to RN. I am proud of what I have accomplished and after I got my RN license I was crying the whole time. First off, it's a great idea to apply for licensure both BVNPT and CA BRN. Same review content, same pattern but for different licenses. I have a colleague who took both nclex RN and PN and both passed. So I must say it's worth it. Go for it. With regards to school, I know lots of schools are now offering individual courses for internationally educated nurses especially there in Southern California and here in the Bay Area. I took my MedSurg for almost 3 months and my OB for 2 months and both I did clinicals in the hospital. I enjoyed going to school and I learned a lot especially the electronic documentation and the machines they use in the hospital which I can use as my advantage whenever I apply for a job. All you need is patience. More patience and patience. I believe in "ora et labora" which means prayer and hardwork. I am pretty sure you will have your way to get your RN license. Never lose hope. Just continue what you are doing. Be an LVN then be an RN or which one goes first. You will learn a lot along the way. Until now I am still renewing my LVN license because I don't wanna lose the proof where I started. To be honest sometimes, whenever somebody asks me to hang an IV, my initial reaction was like "Ok I am now really an RN" and then I smile. lol Of you have any question you can message me here or feel free to send me an email at zhapper2002@yahoo.com. Have a great future ahead of you. I am here to help all the time. - zhapper2002, RN, BSN
  11. zhapper2002

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    That's good for you. Lucky that you were granted the eligibility and att because people whom I have talked to in the last 4 years, they were able to speak with their analysts, explained everything, but still weren't able to get eligibility nor att and to sit for nclex. IEN (internationally educated nurses) don't just let these things happen without even trying to fight for what they deserve. It's juat that, CA BRN got strict and they enforce their rules. People were able to get in California Nursing schools and were able to be RNs here in California and I am one of them. To be honest my cases weren't concurrent so I have nothing to put something on the table to discuss for but I fought for it. But still I had to take the said courses Medsurg and OB and then I became an RN. What I'm trying to say is you are lucky. That's great you did everything for you to get what you deserve. I am happy for you. It's just that, what worked for you might not be applicable to others but I hope those people who have concurrent cases will be able to appeal to the board to show them there is nothing wrong with their cases.
  12. That was 4 years ago. Mid 2011. When they sent me the rejection letter that I had to retake MedSurg and Maternity Nursing, I applied with the LVN board and got licensed a year after - that was in 2012.
  13. zhapper2002

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    Means you need to pass the NCLEX-PN so you can have your PN/VN license. Btw, how you been doin here guys? Im taking my deficiency in MS as of the moment. And after that I can take the NCLEX RN then. Been a LVN for 2 years now. I didnt realize it's been almost a four year journey. Ill let you know once Im done with MS. Is there anybody out there able to finish their deficiencies and passed the NCLEX RN?
  14. zhapper2002

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    How's everyone? It's been a while since I last posted here. I feel your anxiety fellow nurses, since that was the same feeling that I felt when I was still waiting to get my eligibility last year. Two of my friends who applied last year for LVN license, took 1 year for them to get their eligibility. So as what I've been reading that there are people who are still waiting even after 8, 9 or 10 months have passed. Just think positive. I know you guys know that good things come to those who wait. Just keep your patience longer guys! :)
  15. zhapper2002

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    I am from bay area too. what's your email? I've been contacting a lot of schools; from SF to hayward, oakland etc. Even I found one, I can't afford the tuition fee since it will cost me a lot of money. When I say a lot, we're talking bout 5 figures. Oh well.
  16. zhapper2002

    Problem applying nclex in california

    California BRN would still put up the concurrency issue even though you just want to apply to get a license thru endorsement. I see lots of Philippine grads (licensed in other states) who weren't able to get a license thru endorsement. Even if you weren't denied thru application by examination, still it's tough to get a CA license. If you want, you can try applying but there's no assurance that you'll get your RN license in CA. (based on growing numbers of applicants who were denied) Congrats on your RN license and to your decision to apply/work in other states :) Maybe some other time, like after 5 years, maybe California will open once again to a lot of nurses. Right now, the competition for a nursing job here in CA is like a SURVIVOR game. It's really tough.

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