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  1. AnRN43

    Navy Nurse Corps interviews?

    For those already in, for meps once you pass this medical part are you pretty much in? I'm joining as active duty navy I was told after this comes the interviews and once that's done if they find anything that may be needed if they get too picky that its just signing a paper here and there and maybe adding an extra reference if needed and thats pretty much it, i was wondering if this is the case? I just hope this really goes through as i'm really eager to join. I was wondering can someone explain the process after meps, such as the interview how does that work etc?
  2. I just received a new job opportunity to the hospital i'm currently working at and i didn't think the process for joining the navy would be so immediate. I actually thought i would have to wait months or even years before i would get to this point of asking for recommendation letters since i wasn't familiar with the process. Which thankfully is a form the navy gives you which makes it easier since you just hand that out and get it filled out and signed thats about it. The thing is that I've been working in this unit now for only 4 months. I was told by my recruiter i need recommendation letters from the people i work with, which is quite the challenge really since im still the newbie in my department. How did you go about it, how did you ask your co-workers or even managers and supervisors etc? What did you say? Im planning on asking my manager and my supervisor (which is the one who got me the job in the first place) i doubt they'll take it lightly. any advice?
  3. I hope this helps anyone in the future regarding the GPA as i was confused before, depending on how many colleges you went to, graduated from even if you didn't graduate but still took classes like i did( i went to a 2 year college, then transferred to a university for my undergrad degree) they use ALL of your GPA's together to actually calculate the total by averaging it out. Turns out my GPA averaged out was more than 3.0 because i went to 2 prior universities for a different degree and nearly graduated before i switched to nursing and happened to have a 4.0 average in that one and a 3.8 in the other so it helped me tremendously as well as my initial associates degree. Don't feel discouraged about the gpa, even the officer personally said to me: "whats the difference between a nurse with a 4.0 and a nurse with a 2.0 = still a nurse!" So if you want this keep pushing through. I've decided to purse the Navy route, i started the paperwork yesterday and hoping for the best, must admit im a bit nervous.
  4. Very informative thank you!! So as far as gaining experience in different areas of nursing, the navy is a good choice? Seems like although the air force is a great choice too, there's more hoops to jump through in order to try different areas of nursing, seems like its harder to jump around specialties. I have my appointment with the navy officer coming up soon, lets see what he tells me in regards to this. Good thing is that he's a healthcare recruiter hopefully he can give me a better perspective. At the end of the day i'm grateful for the opportunity to even practice as a registered nurse within the military, but career wise just thinking about growth as well. I must say now that things are actually moving more, im getting a little nervous of the unknown any advice?
  5. Thank you so much for the informative feedback I received it really helped put things in perspective, I actually recently spoke to both a navy and an air force recruiter in regards to joining I spoke to recruiters who are both officers and specifically deal with healthcare and nursing. I was told by both that gpa will not be a problem because I'm already working as a nurse gpa however will be an issue if I were to still be in college going to nursing school because then that would be competitive to get accepted because then the military would pay to finish your school and then have you train so it's more competitive that route but since I'm not in that position that my chances are really high because nursing is in really high demand right now. I'm hoping they're right, now I'm conflicted as to which branch I should go about. I have been told the Navy has much more hospitals and nurse related fields than the Air Force, so I'm not sure which route to take. For those more savvy what Do you recommend is a better route for a nurse, the navy or the Air Force?
  6. Thank you so much for this, it makes perfect sense why he didn't even bother to ask initially about gpa and other requirements for OCS and went straight to me taking the asvab and all this stuff i was so confused initially. I hope i can get in touch with a healthcare recruiter. Unfortunately i have already graduated and unable to retake any of these classes. i was just wondering whether i should just give up trying all together, because I'm actually very good at my job and have managers and supervisors that can vouch for me so this is pretty discouraging all together im not sure if i should even try then at this point.
  7. I have been looking everywhere and can't seem to find much information related to me or is outdated or its just info more on those who are currently in nursing school or graduating etc. I currently hold my BSN and have a practicing license and currently working as a registered nurse at a hospital. My GPA is not that great due to personal circumstances. I spoke to a recruiter the other day and he insisted to enlist me as a corpsman, because of my 2.8 gpa, however, i didn't become a nurse to not practice as a nurse. I would like to know if i can still put in my package for OCS, if i do not get accepted it truly does not hurt me as i have a stable good paying job etc. However, i would like this opportunity to grow as a professional and have more opportunities in my field to learn. I am very passionate about what i do, i love taking care of my patients i love my job and one of the many reasons i want to do this is to enhance my knowledge and experience and continue to practice. However, enlisted is not an option, because i am better off as a civilian nurse, i'm not that young anymore i'm 32, i know what i would like out of my career. So my questions to those knowledgeable about the navy nurse corps, as of 2018 i noticed there is a high demand for nursing in the navy, i sent out my information online received a call spoke to someone, mentioned my gpa he says is no problem, received an email two days after that saying i qualify for the navy nurse corps however to wait to be contacted by someone (thats when i went to a recruiter that wasn't too helpful). I haven't been practicing long, and was wondering if i have any chances of getting in as a practicing nurse despite my gpa? I have professional references from managers, directors, etc from my hospital if needed as well, does gpa really cancel someone out that easily?
  8. Im a new nurse who just got hired at a medsurg unit, i used to work in admissions for icu and while i transition everyone i worked with who hears about my transfer does not seem to be too happy and encourage me to do a specialty such as icu instead. Why do majority of nurses look down on medsurg? I've found this to be the case many times. I actually did many of my rotations in medsurg and i learned so very much more in medsurg than i did in a specialty, i actually enjoyed it. wanted to read your thoughts as a medsurg nurse and experiences, i just feel medsurg doesn't get the credit it deserves and many times it seems other nurses from specialties don't take it seriously often.
  9. The test was very challenging, however i feel that uworld prepared me so much that by the time i took my exam i felt prepared weird enough. The test was intimidating to me but uworld really built my confidence, no matter which question you're by in the exam stay focused and keep at it, whether is 75 or 265 there's always that chance of passing. I did the entire QBank for uworld and then went back and reviewed the wrong questions all over again, it wasn't until i was done with everything that i went ahead and scheduled my exam. Stay positive it makes a huge difference! Good Luck!
  10. Hello everyone! I hope this post can help many of you going through the waiting game of waiting for your exam results. If you're reading this chances are you took your exam and are going through the torture of waiting the 48 hours to receive your results. I won't go in to detail of my whole process as i am sure that's the last thing you really care to know right now, all you want to know is DID I PASS???? Im here to tell you of some things that WORKED for me and maybe it helps you. It's not 100 percent but maybe it will help ease your nerves until the official results are posted. the Pearson trick DID work for me, however i waited to do it to make sure it wasn't too soon. I took my exam at 2pm and checked around 8pm. I tried to register and received the "results on hold" pop up. If you receive this it does not necessarily mean you failed it just means that your results are under investigation and they have to go back and review your exam, video tape of you testing etc to make sure everything is okay. This sometimes happens when you finish too quickly etc it's not necessarily a bad thing. I then did the Pearson trick again the next day and received the "good pop up" which says i can not register because i already took an exam or something of that sort. Then the following day at exactly 48hrs of taking my exam my quick results were posted and it showed "pass" I then checked again the next day in the board of nursing and my license number was posted officially. this worked for me, i can't say it's 100 percent fool proof but for ME it 100 percent worked. also one last note, for the Pearson trick I used an actual card just the wrong expiration number otherwise it WILL charge you if you fail. this is just my own personal experience only and just wanted to share my experience with others because i more than anyone understand what you're going through and how on edge your nerves are at this moment. if i can do it, so can you! Lastly, i only used strictly uworld for a whole month 45 questions a day until i completed the whole entire Qbank. I took both assessments at the end and got high chances of passing. My scores weren't that great between 40s-50s. So don't worry you got this you can do it. wish you the very best and you will be a nurse. I really do hope this helps someone, i wish i had these tips when i took mines and found nothing, so i hope this helps you easing your nerves. good luck!
  11. AnRN43

    Barry Baptist scholars program

    I was accepted into Barry applied to the Baptist scholarship and got that as well. Do any of you who know about the scholars program know if all the classes will be through baptist or just a few? Also, for clinicals, will it be at baptist as well? If anyone is in the program with baptist can you share some of your experience and how it works? Thanks :)
  12. For nursing a school has to be accredited either by NLN or CCNE. Make sure you have at least one of these otherwise i wouldn't recommend it, otherwise it would be tougher down the line.
  13. AnRN43

    HESI A2 for both FIU and BC?

    I am applying to both FIU and Broward College for nursing. I have to take the HESI A2 pre-entrance exam for both schools and they both require for the same topics in the test math,reading etc.. However, if i take the test in Broward College do i have to take it again at FIU? Thanks in Advance
  14. I got into FIU however, i keep hearing horror stories about how hard it is to get in to the nursing program itself! How are they with the HESI exam, i understand some parts of the hesi are required to pass while others not so much. Can you please update me with any information at all?? I feel somewhat lost, For any one in the nursing program from this year or anyone who got accepted for the next nursing program? How does this work? Getting into the program its so complicated yet out of state i did not have a problem i got in right away for my BSN at other schools, but would like to stay here in forida but just to be given the chance to get in seems humanly impossible. Also, how many times are you allowed to retake the HESI without it affecting you. Is there a waiting list for FIU nursing, the consoler said to me that they only accept 100 students PER semester. My gap is 3.47 right now with my AA. What do i need to do to get in to the nursing program? About the HESI, i am really worried and scared of it, how can i study for it, the book i got for the test has so many typos is embarrassing it was even published really. How did you study for the HESI, and what sections are required for the program. Thanks to everyone and anyone in advance any feedback is greatly appreciated.