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RN supervisor working night shift in long term care. I'm also a student, working toward a BSN

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  1. 2nd day in nursing home and I want to quit

    You could always make yourself a 'cheat sheet' at the start of the shift. Use a list of residents on the hall and make a few quick notes as to who gets meds at midnight, who gets meds at 6am, etc. You can jot a quick note beside the name for who ha...
  2. 2nd day in nursing home and I want to quit

    I started out in a Nursing Home also as my first job after graduating. It was really overwhelming at first, and really frustrating most days. Well over a year later I'm still there and I LOVE it. I would expect the first few months working once ou...
  3. Is it illegal to initial when.....

    Every treatment has the potential to be a crucial treatment, IMO, otherwise there would be no reason for it to be done. If you are signing it, you are putting your guarantee that it was done, and done correctly. The way I look at it, is this: My i...
  4. Is it illegal to initial when.....

    In my facility the CNAs have their own book for the things they do, nurses likewise. I would not initial for anything I personally did not do.
  5. No code changed to Full code

    Is one of the family members POA? I don't understand if they feel that strongly about it why they wouldn't sign new code papers? Personally, I would initiate CPR while another nurse was contacting the MD. Having a full code signed by the doc is a ...
  6. Delegation in an LTC setting

    Unfortunately, sometimes you have to write up. If you are new, perhaps they are testing you to see how much they can get away with...
  7. Please share your story

    You'll soon learn things you never knew (and stuff you never wanted to know) about your friends' and family members' health as they will call and ask you advice and ask your opinion on everything...and show you weird stuff and say "is this normal???
  8. How to deal with mean old men

    The supervisor does not appreciate this
  9. When nursing gets icky but you still love your job...How to deal?

    Don't be so hard on yourself! Everyone has an 'ick' factor. We all get grossed out at times. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. The difference is we have the caring curve :redpinkhe
  10. Ok..vent..advise...dunno

    That'll surely cure the staffing problem, one more nurse down. Ugh, I'd be downright fed up and hitting the employment section of the paper. Grateful I work in such a great facility.
  11. Need Survival tips for Night Shift!

    I've been working nights for over a year and I love it! My nights off, I do not alter my sleeping schedule unless i have to (family event, special trip with the kids, etc). I unwind after work for 1/2 hour or so, then go get my 7 hours of sleep lik...
  12. New grad and I love my job!

    I started nursing school KNOWING I did not want to work in LTC. Well, I graduated one May, put applications in at the one local hospital (yup, I live rural) and at 3 nursing homes just for options. I was offered a job at a LTC for PRN just after gr...
  13. I would love any advice here!

    Absolutely. We all healp each other as well. CNAs help cover each others' halls during breaks. Nurses answer bells as well of course. We all help each other.
  14. Can this put MY license at risk?

    I would think if it were me and I was told she was my responsibility and I had to watch her more closely, I would want another nurse to be available to hold her hand through her med pass. What a joke. What about going to your supervisor's superviso...
  15. EMARS

    Our facility has announced we will be starting to use emars also though we don't have a date yet. I'm excited about the change but there are plenty of nurses who are nervous about the switch. I'm curious about how difficult it is to fix mistakes to...