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  1. Hey there nurses! I need your feedback. I am a new grad RN working a med-surg floor. I am almost to my 1 year milestone. :) I currently have an ADN & all prerequisites for my BSN completed. However, teaching is looking appealing to me after all this fast paced stressful environment has got me burnt out in only 10 months time. I appreciate all I've learned. The job experience has been eye opening and strengthened me as a person. However, plain and simple: its not for me. I was considering a dramatic career change these past few months. I don't want to quit nursing entirely. I just want a job that will support my personal strengths. So, I started thinking school nurse. I'm great with kids. Everyone says I would make a good teacher. How about 2 career options? Everyone knows a good nurse has experience with patient teaching. That is one of my favorite parts of my current jobs is teaching patients. :) A BA in education & an AD in nursing? Can you think of any disadvantages that might occur from having these two different career degrees? I do not have any interest in continuing my BSN at the current time. Any nurses out there that have heard of this before or have any advice?? I'll take all I can get from you seasoned nurses / teachers! Mrs. Hurst Nurse
  2. mrshurstnurse

    New Grad in the OB

    Congrats on the new job new nurse! :) It makes me happy to see that the "You must have experience to be an OB nurse" isn't always the case. I feel like telling everyone who says you need to do med-surg first... THATS NOT TRUE! Hope you settle in well and learn a lot your first few months. My advice: learn the assessments & emergency interventions first and go from there. What is most important? Know what is an emergency and what isn't. As a nurse, I need to know what is a PRIORITY. So, I would focus my learning on what is a need to know & what comes with experience. Here's a few from a OB class..... Malignant Hyperthermia (MH): - Define MH & its prevalence - Review the nurses’ role in MH emergency. - Identify what is needed in MH emergency cart. . Eclampsia in the Hypertensive Patient: - Define the epidemiology & risk factors of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. - Describe the priorities for treatment & management of care. - Explain the guidelines for anticonvulsant & antihypertensive therapy. Obstetrical Hemorrhage: - Identify the signs of hemorrhage using the ABC’s. - Describe the causes of maternal hemorrhage in the intrapartum and postpartum periods. - Describe the interventions for treating hemorrhages. - Review the basics for a crash c-section. Shoulder Dystocia (SD): - Define SD & the risk factors associated with it. - Describe actions & maneuvers to be taken when SD occurs. - Describe documentation timelines when treating SD. Mock Code- ACLS OB: - Describe the physiologic changes of pregnancy that may affect resuscitation. - Identify the different interventions used for a pregnant woman during resuscitation. - Identify the nurses’ responsibilities in a mock code. Good luck! :) MrsHurstNurse
  3. mrshurstnurse

    First Job Jitters

    After 100's of applications I have finally landed a PRN registered nurse floater job for RENAL-Medsurg-vascular-pulmonary floors. I feel so lucky to have landed the job, but I feel unprepared and nervous. It has been a long time since I've covered renal nursing. Any advice on what is most helpful to study up on before my first day on any of these floors? I got the first job jitters! (Especially after reading through most of these posts!) I need encouragement!